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#scriptchat @Londonswf 50 Kisses Comp #5: Scene Description

The “50 Kisses” contest is NOT just a writing contest – potentially, your script could be made by filmmakers. If you want your script to be picked first by the reader, then by the filmmaker, yours has to STAND OUT and one really easy, quick-fire way of doing this is to ensure your scene description ROCKS.

Most scene description is bland at best, yet good scene description knows it is SCENE ACTION. Everything you write as scene description should be about moving the story forward and revealing character.

A lot of writers get uppity and say the above cuts out their “voice”, but this is not true. I have read countless examples of GREAT scene description that moves the story forward, reveals character AND shows me a writer’s individual voice.

But don’t take my word for it! Check out the Scene Description section in The Required Reading List. I can particularly recommend William Martell’s fab article, “16 Steps To Better Scene Description”. Go!
Here’s the full details for the “50 Kisses” Competition from London Screenwriters’ Festival: CLICK HERE. Join Bang2writers and/or The Feedback Exchange to swap ideas and work for this contest.

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