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#scriptchat @Londonswf 50 Kisses Comp #3: Character

It’s oft-said that’s ALL about character. I actually disagree with this totally – if it’s all about character, then it has to be all about his/her goal too which means plot has to come into play at least HALF as much again – but that’s an argument for another time.

In the VERY short film of 1-2 pages, you have to give us your characters in a SNAPSHOT. Literally, the first time we see them, we have to know WHO they are and WHAT they want/are facing, whilst avoiding lazy stereotypes or stock characters. No mean feat.

First impressions count in the very short film – and whether those first impressions are RIGHT depend wholly on your story and what you want to “say” with the script.

Let’s go back to that SNAPSHOT idea again… And now imagine your character, posed in a photograph in your mind. You have no other information about him/her. Check out what s/he looks like or is wearing FIRST – and use as springboard to form IDEAS about him/her, like:

Who are his/her family?

What job does s/he have?

What’s his/her educational background?

Where does s/he see him/herself in 5 years’ time?

… And so on until you get to the REALLY IMPORTANT QUESTION which is:

What does s/he want by the end of this script – and WILL S/HE GET IT?

Now, relate your character back to the plot construction you created from the last post. Does s/he fit? If so, how? If not, why not? What can you change to make sure it DOES work? Do they form a symbiotic relationship that is both recognisable – and surprising? Over to you…
Here’s the full details for the “50 Kisses” Competition from London Screenwriters’ Festival: CLICK HERE. Join Bang2writers and/or The Feedback Exchange to swap ideas and work for this contest.

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