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How To Work From Home by Kate Croston

Bang2writer Kate reminds us freelancers and those of working on projects like the upcoming Script Frenzy of some simple tricks to ensure we get all we need done. Some of these are simple, yet hard to do – like “leave”! Broken that one many times… And whilst I don’t have the room for my own office, I think it’s important everyone has their own space that’s JUST theirs. Thanks Kate!
When working from home it is really easy to fall into a lazy routine: waking up later, not getting dressed, work scattered over the entire home. Being able to work from home is a blessing for many, but can be difficult to maintain and balance your work and personal life from home. Working from home can be a great advantage, just as long as you know *how* to work from home. Here are some simple tricks to follow:

Have an Office: It is very important to have an office at home to keep organized and be successful when working from home. Too many times we get lazy and set up camp at the kitchen table, in bed or on the living room sofa. Having an office set for your work will keep you focused and on task. It automatically sets the mode for work mode and not TV time.

Leave: When you work from home it is good to get out of the house on a daily basis, whether you choose to run to the grocery store, grab lunch or take a walk. You spend every 7 days a week in the same environment and eventually it will take a toll on your mood. A change of scenery is good for your productivity levels when you start to feel confined to your home.

Get up early, Get dressed: Treat working at home just like you would if you were working in an office environment. Getting up at a reasonable time in the morning will set your day for a good schedule. Once you get up, get dressed. You don’t have to wear a suit and tie but getting out of your pajamas and into everyday clothes well help prepare your mindset for the work day at home.

Make a schedule: Before you start your work day or your task, clear your mind and get ready to prioritize. Take a look at your calendar and email for any appointments, calls or meetings you might have set up. Look at the work you want to accomplish from start to finish. Be sure you put your lunch or coffee breaks into your list.

Working from home can work! You just have to be aware of the distractions and things that can waiver you from completing your tasks. Follow these guidelines and start working! Good luck and enjoy working from home!


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ABOUT KATE: Kate Croston is a freelance writer and holds a bachelors degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She writes guest posts for different sites and loves contributing home internet service related topics. Questions or comments can be sent to: katecroston.croston09ATgmailDOTcom.

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1 thought on “How To Work From Home by Kate Croston”

  1. I think this is really useful information, I personally find the whole ‘having an office’ really important because it does seem like another environment, a professional one, and so it’s not hard to keep in the ‘work only’ mindset.

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