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Deviation Trailer – ONLINE NOW

The title had it all really… The trailer for the dark thriller I associate-produced, Deviation, is online now!

You can watch it here on its distributor Revolver’s Youtube Channel. Please forward this link to all your friends and followers and support British Film!

Remember to lock your car door…

Told in one night, DEVIATION is a chilling, taut psychological thriller that follows one woman’s horrifying abduction by a psychopathic stranger.

Amber (Anna Walton) a young nurse, intent on getting home to her family after a long shift. Frankie (Danny Dyer) is a dangerous psychopath on the run. When he takes her hostage in her car, she realises that she must rely on her own wits to survive and soon a deadly cat and mouse game ensues through the long, nightmarish night.

By morning, only one of them will be left alive…



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