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Oi, Writers No!

Yet again this week I came across the lament, “Oh I had this great idea… But then it turns out it’s quite similar to [this other thing] that’s already been done. Oh no. This means I can’t write it anymore. Oh boooo hoooo….”

Yes, I’m looking at YOU, Dodgyjammer!!! : P


1) It’s execution that counts.

2) Originality is overrated.

3) It’s all been done anyway.

And don’t tell me “it’s different for TV/Film/Web series…” – whatever! All start with a PREMISE. And yes, the same premises get recycled OVER AND OVER AGAIN: “the same but different”! It’s not just what the Execs want, but the AUDIENCE TOO. Why try and reinvent the wheel?? Why not make YOUR VERSION the BEST EVER instead!?

Now go and sit on the naughty step.

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3 thoughts on “Oi, Writers No!”

  1. i agree that its the execution.

    i just saw shane meadows' 'dead man's shoes', the premise of which is the bog-standard "guy comes back home to take revenge on those who harmed a member of his family", but the execution of the film both visually and in its storytelling and characters made it feel so fresh that it was a joy to watch.

    yes, your story's probably been done before – but not by YOU! give it your own spin and feel and make it unique!

    happy writing

    phil rutter (scriptguyphil)

  2. Hina Malik (@dodgyjammer)

    Question: do you find being right all the time tiresome?

    A good message that I think writers should be reminded of ALL THE TIME.

  3. My message would actually be:

    GO FOR IT. Write something. Anything. Don't worry about what's come before, or what's coming next. think about structure, character, craft, whatever, sure – but end of the day you can have all the techniques in the world, if you're not passionate about your story, no one else will be either.

    Just write. That's what writers do.

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