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Q & A: Eleanor Ball asks Industrial Scripts about Talent Connector

The friendly souls over at Industrial Scripts have recently launched a new service: Talent Connector. So I pinned them to a wall and asked them what it’s all about.

1. Hello! Who are you?

We are Industrial Scripts, a London-based script consultancy comprised of some of the UK’s leading script editors and backed by Paramount Pictures and the Curtis Brown talent agency.

2. What makes Talent Connector different from other script development services?

There are a number of script development services open to UK writers but ours is the first free talent promotion service backed by major companies. As the name implies, Talent Connector allows us to act as an intermediary between unrepresented talent and interested parties. We don’t do the work of an agent and we don’t take a fee if a project sells or if a writer attracts an agent, but instead we deliver a verdict on scripts of a certain quality and, due to our industry credentials, our opinion is taken seriously.

3. Do I need to have scriptwriting experience or qualifications to submit my script?

Anyone who signs up for one of our selected feedback services is eligible. Experience isn’t required – talent is the key!

4. Are you more likely to recommend my script if it’s broad and familiar, or do you have a stronger taste for the weird stuff?

The straightforward answer is we’ll promote a script irrespective of genre so long as it demonstrates ability. Different companies in the film and TV industries are looking for different types of material and we’ll promote any project provided we think the writing is of a high enough standard.

5. Will I find an agent through Talent Connector?

If we find your script to be outstanding then it is very unlikely that agents won’t show an interest in you on the back of our recommendation. We can facilitate those scripts with potential but we’re not the Corleone family: we can’t strong-arm agents and producers into taking on scripts which are lacking in promise or expertise. Our service is most suited to talented writers who lack connections – something which we can offer them.

6. If you recommend my script, what are the chances that it will go all the way to the screen?

Film and TV are notoriously unpredictable industries, with all kinds of variables beyond a writer’s control. Unless you are a ‘name’ writer – and even then – you’ll have to jump over a lot of hurdles to get your project to the screen. Our goal with Talent Connector is to help with that first, absolutely crucial step for people with abundant talent but few contacts.

The Official Press Release for Talent Connector – all the details


Thanks Ellie! I’m sure lots of writers will find this spotlight on Talent Connector very useful. Have you used Industrial Scripts or been recommended by Talent Connector? Let other Bang2writers know your thoughts over on the Facebook page.

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