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"Four Nights In August" – One Page Scriptwriting Contest from @londonswf

FOUR NIGHTS IN AUGUST: A one page screenwriting contest from the London Screenwriters’ Festival – enter a one page script, based around the theme of the London Riots 2011, to win a ticket to London Screenwriters Festival 2011.

Three nights of rioting in London, Birmingham and Manchester shocked the nation this August and stirred high feelings about the state of the UK and the people within it.

Condemnation, criticism and finger pointing was rife from politicians and the public alike, with even celebrities taking to social networks to voice their disapproval and beliefs about why it happened and what should be done with the perpetrators.

LSF’s own Chris Jones witnessed rioting on his very own doorstep in Ealing and blogged about his feelings on the matter, READ HERE.

But what do YOU feel about the riots? We want to know – in the form of a one page script. Consider what happened before the events, what happened during them, and afterward? Who was involved and how? Why were they involved? What was the impact on their lives and of the lives of the people around them? And what does it mean to them, to you and to us all?

We want to read your stories!

As ever, the challenge will be to say the most with the least, this is why we have imposed the one page limit.

The winner will get a free ticket to the festival, October 28-30th 2011, other goodies and his/her script will be showcased and made available so that ANY film maker can produce the screenplay and upload the film to YouTube in a separate contest.

The deadline for the contest is Friday, September 30th, MIDDAY GMT – so get scribbling!

To enter, send your one page screenplay, along with your email and phone number and name to…

Accepted format


FAQs and Terms and Conditions below.

1. Does it have to be DURING the actual riots, or can it be just *about* the riots?
The riots are the theme, not the location/time. We want to know what you/your characters think of the riots or how they coped – interpret that as you wish.

2. Can my script be about fictional riots?
No, we want the script to be about the actual riots that struck the UK in August, 2011.

3. If I win, will my script definitely get made?
No – it will be made available on the website for others to read, and should filmmakers wish to, make – in a perfect world, several film making teams may produce the winning screenplay and you will be able to see how one script ends up interpreted by different people! But if that does not appeal and you do not want your script to made available like this, please do not enter.

2. Can I use dialogue?
It’s totally up to you: use dialogue, don’t use dialogue, whatever you want!

3. Is there a fee for this contest?
No, it’s 100% free. So please tell ALL your writery friends.

4. Can I use alternative formatting to fit my script on one page?
No. Please use standard spec script format, otherwise we will have no choice but to disqualify your script (just so it’s fair for everyone). If you’re not sure what the standard for spec scripts is, CHECK OUT THIS 1 PG REF GUIDE.

5. Can I go over the one page *just a tiny bit*?
Nope, sorry. And don’t try any tricks like over-widening the margins, ‘cos our crack team of readers will find you out and hunt you down like the dogs you are. Or disqualify you, whichever is quicker.

6. My script HAS to be more than one page in order to make sense. Can I enter it anyway?
No, sorry. This is a one page script competition, so not the place for your script. Any scripts longer than one page will have to be disqualified.

7. Can I enter more than once?
No, sorry. Just the one entry this time.

8. But I’ve already bought a ticket to the festival!
Fantastic – in that case, if you win, we will refund you so you’d still be coming for free.

9. Can writers from overseas enter?
Yes of course – though please note getting to the festival and accommodation to take advantage of the prize ticket is the winner’s responsibility, not ours.

10. Where do I send my script?
Please send your script to PDF ONLY. Please ensure you have a TITLE PAGE attached to your one pager, complete with the title of the script, your name and a valid email address. If we don’t know what it’s called or whom it’s by, we won’t enter the script into the contest. And if we don’t know how to contact you, we can’t tell you if you’ve won!

Terms and Conditions
• The screenplay must be no more than 1 page and correctly formed as per the
following guidelines POSTED HERE. Anything over one page will be disqualified.
• Only one entry per individual and or writing team. However, an individual can enter a script once and again with NEW script with a writing partner.
• Deadline for submissions are FRIDAY , SEPTEMBER 30TH 2011, Midday GMT.
• The winner receives one free ticket to the 2011 London Screenwriters Festival. Winners who previously purchase tickets to the festival (highly recommended) will receive full refund of their ticket price.
• Winners will be notified before the festival.
• By submitting your script to the competition you agree that you hold harmless ScriptPlus Limited, London Screenwriters Festival, Comedy Writers Festival and any of its affiliates and or sponsors from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

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