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Linda Aronson Advanced Screenwriting Masterclass – MASSIVE discount for Bang2writers!!!

I read LOADS of scripts that try to use advanced storytelling techniques, such as time jumps, tandem narrative, flashback and non-linearity. And guess what: 99% of them do not use these techniques well. This is why these techniques end up with a bad name in the spec pile, which of course is such a shame and threatens creativity as readers on work experience end up believing McKee-style assertions about supposed “lazy writing” instead.

If only there was someone who ran classes on HOW to use these devices WELL…

… Oh wait THERE IS! None other than Linda Aronson. Now I met Linda at London Screenwriters Festival last year and can not only report she’s a LOVELY PERSON, she’s great at what she does as well – which is explaining how narrative works and how we can break it down and represent it.

Linda is running one such class this November (12th/13th), brought to you by Team LSF. A 2 Day Class, this would normally be £119.00 – but to Bang2writers, you need only pay £65!!! That’s right. Just SIXTY FIVE POUNDS – that’s £32.50 per day for fab insights that could very well change your scriptwriting for the better FOREVER.

Just enter code BANG2WRITE at the site to get your discount. And tell all your writing friends!

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