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Looking For A Bang2write Intern

Looking for writing work experience? Are you good at finding links about screenwriting, novels, movies etc of interest to Bang2writers? How are your blogging skillz?

I’m looking for some cover for my Facebook page and my blog when I have my baby next month – otherwise I know what will happen, I’ll end up updating them both again within minutes of giving birth!!! THIS TIME I’m having some time off, by hook or by crook!!!

I’m afraid I can’t offer money ‘cos I don’t have any. What I can offer however is admin status on the Bang2writers FB page for approx 4-6 weeks posting 3 x a week and a guaranteed blogging platform for your thoughts on writing, the industry, etc up to two times a week on my blog at You will also be able to write an “intro” blog with your photo so everyone can know who you are, your plans & ambitions, what types of people etc you’re looking for. My blog receives in the region of 1500-2000 hits a WEEK now and my social network has now well over 3K members, so that’s serious exposure for the right person. I am also happy to provide references for job applications, etc afterwards as this position will especially suit a screenwriting or film student.

The right person for the Bang2write intern position is:

* Predominantly interested in scriptwriting, script editing & novel writing
* Has some script reading experience (either trained or via MAs, peer review, etc)
* Has some experience of blogging/tweeting/whatever
* Is a good web surfer & can seek out interesting links
* Is not afraid of self promotion or PR
* Holds alternative/proactive views on the industry & how to get ahead
* Does not whinge!
* Is a good communicator and can get into interesting discussions etc without flaming people or allowing others to be flamed
* Has a sense of humour
* Is Feminist/forward thinking

TO APPLY: Please write to me at Bang2writeAThotmailDOTcoDOTuk explaining why you’re perfect for the internship in 200-300 words max. Deadline: 12:00 MIDDAY, May 31st.

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