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Massive Actions Day With Jurgen Wolff – Free Online Event This Saturday (Jan 15, ’11)

Just got this from the endlessly enthusiastic and fabulous Janice Day – sign up now!
It’s MAD (Massive Actions Day) this Saturday 15th January 2011, a day when people will support each other in taking action.

And it’s free.

We all need to take action and – as everyone knows – it’s easier with support.

The great thing about this is that you get to choose what action you will take. It’s in aid of you.

Going through my contacts list to set up a mailing group who might be interested in hearing about Jurgen Wolf’s MAD (Massive Action Day) this Saturday 15th January, I cannot actually think of anyone who wouldn’t be interested, because even though most of the participants will be writers, you might know a writer, or…

…You might decide to join up anyway and get the support you need to clear your clutter. Finally!

You don’t have to go anywhere. It’s all online. Or on Skype.

Everyone will be taking action at the same time and supporting each other to keep going.

Check out this link and sign up for the free support NOW.

What a brilliant way to kick-start this New Year.

Love to all.

Janice Day

On behalf of Jurgen Wolff – check him out.

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1 thought on “Massive Actions Day With Jurgen Wolff – Free Online Event This Saturday (Jan 15, ’11)”

  1. hi, thanks for mentioning the MAD! I look forward to welcoming some of your readers to this event–it'll be fun and I hope useful as well. – best regards, Jurgen Wolff

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