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Film Shorts Club

So, in response to the YES votes I got here, on Facebook, Twitter and even on email, I can announce this is *the* place to list yourself as a short film writer, producer or director wanting to collaborate (or indeed anyone else interested in making short films – actors, DoPs, music people, art designers and other crew welcome too).


a) Please list your REAL NAME as well as your online handle, plus email address; suggested format for email addresses yournameATproviderDOTcom, to avoid those pesky bots. Please make sure you say what your title is WRITER, DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, etc, what GENRES or “types” of story you’re interested in AND whether you’re looking to expand your horizons – ie. if you’re a writer who wants to produce. Please also include anything else that may be helpful – ie. if you’ve been shortlisted or made UKFC funded films before, etc.

b) As with The Feedback Exchange, please list yourself in the comments section of THIS POST ONLY. This is to ensure we have an easily searchable database, linked to on the right hand sidebar of this blog. If for any reason you can’t log in to Blogger, please email me on Bang2writeATaolDOTcom with your details and I’ll add you.


1) The first rule of Shorts Club – EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT SHORTS CLUB. I daresay many writers will join in the first instance and we will outnumber the producers and directors. These things take time to build up. It’s no good saying, “Oooooh, there’s only writers on there”, we ALL have a responsibility to make sure this gets as wide as possible. So tell all your filmmaking friends. Post on filmmaking forums, FB pages and websites. Put on your own Facebook and Twitter. Tell people at that *event* you’re at. And don’t just do it ONCE, remind people about Shorts Club too. Let’s make this the best, most diverse pool of short filmmaking on the interwebs, it benefits all of us!

2) Occasionally you will find projects go belly up or you have to walk away for whatever reason. These things happen. Take it on the chin and DON’T slag off the people on this list, or this list. Be professional.

3) If you successfully put a short together with people from this list, make sure I know about it – let me help share the good news! Equally, if you have any other stories about short filmmaking to share that will inspire others, please consider writing a guest post for this blog or let me know the link from yours.

Now go forth, my short filmmaking friends and MAKE SOME FILMS!

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40 thoughts on “Film Shorts Club”

  1. My names Trevor Walsh, I'm an ambitious filmmaker looking to collaborate with other writers with unique and interesting scripts. White Tiger Films has specific interest in Thriller/Horror genre, but happy to explore comedy.

    I have the support of talented crew, and specific skills to add a level of professional production standards to low/no budget productions.

    Please feel free to email me twalsh[at]whitetigerfilms[dot]co[dot]uk

    Look forward to reading your work.

  2. Hello! I'm Laurence Timms and I write. My short film script The Dead Office won the London Screenwriters' Festival Short Script prize this year and is scheduled for shooting Feb 2011.
    My earlier short Witchcat is under option.

    I love drama, the unexpected, big thrills, passion, heroism, wicked plots and outlandish notions. I write what I love.

    I'm a big fan of collaborative projects, so I'm always happy to hear from directors, producers and other writers who want to chew over an idea and see if it goes anywhere.

    Email me at laurence[dot]timms [at] gmail[dot]com.

  3. Hello! My name is Luke Owen, I am a ambitious, fresh and exciting writer based in Reading, Berkshire. I started my own freelancing writing career with a view to making it my full time profession.

    In 2008, I wrote and directed a 45 minute short zombie movie (how original I hear you cry) but more recently have been working on an online anthology series similar to The Twilight Zone.

    I mostly write horror, sci-fi & supernatural but have also turned my attentions to drama, romcom and family films.

    Please feel free to email me – I have several scripts waiting for directors/producers to have a look at (short & feature) and I would also like to collaborate with other writers (hopefully to improve my craft in other genres). My e-mail address is luke[at]boddickerfilms[dot]co[dot]uk

    Follow me on Twitter at or visit my site

    Look forward to hearing from you all!

  4. Hi all!

    My name is Caley Powell, I am a casting director always interested in new projects.

    I have experience casting short films, music videos, features and a online series as well as casting for rehearsed readings.

    To contact me go to, on there is my mobile number, email, Facebook and Twitter links!

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Wishes.

    Caley Powell.

  5. Hi, I'm Daniel J Brant and I'm a director. Well, that sounded very AA meeting, didn't it?

    Anyway, I'm a director and self-shooter based in Berkshire with a background in (ultra) low-budget drama. I've directed several short films, DoP'd on several more and am one of the co-creators of the online sci-fi drama series "The Collector's Room" (

    I'm good with actors, have an eye for detail and because of my technical background, I can communicate well with DoPs, editors and other members of the crew. I consider myself a storyteller rather than a technician and believe that "Content is King."

    I have my own company, Enborne River ( and produce actor's showreel scenes, event videos and corporate promos when I'm not trying to break into drama direction.

    I've got my sights set on TV drama but am not adverse to features if work comes my way! I'm looking for other people to collaborate with- writers with good shorts they need made, talented DoPs, capable producers and anyone else who is on the same page.

    I can be emailed at danieljbrant[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk

  6. Hi,

    My names Dawn Chapman. I'm a writer and amature producer.

    I've optioned a few of my shorts, but they fell though, hoping that I will get a couple of the ground one day.

    My genres include, drama and sci fi.

    Interested in any collaboration and willing to work hard at it.

    Contact me at dawn dot chapman 5 (at) googlemail dot com

    Looking forward to hear from everyone


  7. Hi all

    I'm a writer with a background in production, willing to write scripts, edit scripts and generally collaborate with filmmakers. I am also fairly new to the London film/writing scene and am keen to meet people (virtually and otherwise)

    I have directed and produced, with a very small amount of success, but now I'm focussed on the writing. I was a registered script editor for a film body for awhile. I'm working on a feature script (two if I'm honest – dilletante!)

    I'm online as @sirenofbrixton, find me at or email sirenofbrixton[at]

    Pleased to meet you


  8. My name is Dave Herman, I’m a British screenwriter living and working in Amsterdam, Holland.

    Since I started writing screenplays, I’ve written and co-written several feature scripts and shorts. I co-wrote an animated feature for Spaghetti Films in Amsterdam, Holland. The script is in consideration at the Dutch Film Fund.

    I’ve been commissioned to write a few treatments, both animation and live action, and I’ve co-written a pilot episode for an animated TV series, which is still (i.e., stuck) in development. All in all, a lot of writing but no produced credit yet!

    I write a screenwriting blog, ravingdaveherman, where I do my best to distil sensible screenwriting advice for myself and my readers from my various endeavours. I’ve also helped other screenwriters as script editor.

    During the past six months or so I’ve been concentrating on writing shorts and developing feature film pitches.

    At present I’m busy pitching a number of my short scripts to directors and producers. I mostly write drama, but I have a leaning towards surreal humour too…

    Just want to say a huge thanks to Lucy for this initiative. Let’s hope it results in some great new short films!!

  9. If Dom Carver's in the house then we're all playing catch-up. Damn you for being so good, Mr Carver!

    Anyway – Andy Goodman here, writer of shorts with no set genre: quirky surrealism, current social events, horror, emotional regret etc. Pretty much whatever takes my fancy at the time.

    I was a semi-finalist in last years BSSC with 'The Hitman' now amended and re-named 'Coffee, Biscuits and Bullets'.

    I'm a 'Shooter' and avid reader of good film making/screen writing books. I'm also attempting to write prose (novels) which at the moment is resulting in a nice collection of form rejection letters from Agents!

    My email is andrew[dot]goodman4[at]gmail[dot]com

  10. I'm Julian. On Twitter; OnewordTF and on email; julianATjulian-williamsDOTcoDOTuk

    I've written 10 shorts, a theatre play, for radio and many other pieces in between, some of which have done and are doing well in key competitions.

    One script is with a director, awaiting his decision.

    I've been a writer since I could hold a pen but only now gaining confidence to create my own voice. I love the short film format – the expression of a pure idea.

    If you'd like to read any of my stuff – well, you've got the contact details.

    GSOH etc.

    Please excuse nerves. First time I've been to a dating agency 🙂

  11. Janet van Eeden here. Have been supervising Producer on two short films, Commando and Smile, each of which won the M-Net EDiT Awards in 2007 and 2008. I've written two other short films I'd like to see made soon. I have also co-written a feature film which premiered in SA, USA and Europe this year, White Lion. My website has all my contact details:

    and my IMDB address is:

    Would like feedback re short films, both the writing of and producing of short films.

    Also on twitter, cunningly disguised as @JanetvanEeden

  12. Hey All

    My name is Mark Moynihan. I have just written produced and directed my first film, Little Things which is currently being edited (guess who by).

    I am just starting out and am interested in collaborating on more projects, I am especially interested in working on a variety of genres, especially lo-no budget.

    Follow my blog at, I'm also on twitter as mmmoynihan or you can mail me at

  13. Hi Everyone

    I'm a screenwriter with a few shorts, a theatrically released feature and a decent amount of commissions, to my name.

    I'm now absolutely convinced that collaborating with the right people is just as important as jumping on any old opportunity. It'd be great to hear from people on here and compare battle wounds.

    With that said, I'm looking for producers or directors with both passion and nous, who are interested in actually getting things made, lo/no/med budget, whatever.


    Thanks; have a great weekend!

    Ewen Glass

  14. Hello, my name is Henry Fosdike and I write scripts. I am currently just coming to the end of a three year degree in Scriptwriting for TV and Film at Bournemouth University and am now looking ahead to the future.

    I was a finalist in this year's Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award, a finalist in the Super Shorts short film script award and came 2nd in the London Screenwriters'Festival Short Script competition.

    I write all genres really, wherever my mood takes me!

    My email is henryfosdike[at]hotmail[dot]com

    Twitter: @justmetalking

    I'm also the only one with my name on Facebook. That's about it…

  15. My name is Daniel Jama. I live in London. I have a blog on here which I use primarily to write movie reviews, feel free to follow me. I'm a writer, but I haven't had anything produced yet. I have a few features and a few shorts under my belt. My focus is drama and historical, but i've dabbled in paranormal and political too. I'm open to anything really, as long as there's a clear vision.

    One day i'd like to possibly progress to directing, but that's a long way in the future. Right now, i'd just like a few credits on a few shorts, and some time spent on a film production set. I have just purchased my first camcorder to begin making my own shorts, learning about composition, lighting etc etc.

    You can contact me at danjamaAThotmailDOTcom. Don't hesitate.

  16. Hello! My name is Claire Yeowart and I love to write.

    My first short is hopefully being made next Jan. I would like to collaborate with other writers and I'm interested writing shorts, feature and tv in all genres.

    Contact me at cyeowart[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk

  17. Howdy, my name is Neil Baker. I'm a writer, but interested in directing and producing also. For the immediate future, writing is the main drive though. So I'm looking for directors, DoPs and producers to work with.

    My first short film – THREE – was nominated for Best Comedy at the Portobello Film Fest and I have another comedy, as well as a war short nearing production. I also co-wrote a supernatural drama that is being sibmitted into festivals as we speak.

    I have two short scripts, both dark thrillers. One supernatural, Sin City-esque, and one Dexter-like that made it through the first round of the BSSC. I'm looking to take these into production in the near future.

    I am also willing to collaborate on scripts and develop existing ideas.

    I am based in Yorkshire, but locations are not majorly important as I am currently only writing.

    If anyone is interested, please email me at neilbakerwrites[at]gmail[dot]com.


  18. Hello people (and thanks, Lucy, for the resource).

    I'm Oli Lewington and I'm primarily a producer. I also direct and dabble in writing (and have surprisingly ended up as a Red Planet Prize Finalist this year).

    I'm interested in producing new writers and working with new directors. Right now I'm on the look out for no-budget shorts that are quick and easy to shoot, but that have that little je ne sais quoi about them. All genres/styles considered if it's a) good and b) cheap!

    What I'm really looking for is to find some writers and directors I can work establish long-term collaborations with to develop exciting new projects together.

    So if you've got anything of interest or if you just want to say hello, drop me a line at oli[AT]tinybutmighty[DOT]co[DOT]uk and check out our website at and

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  19. My name is Hina Malik, I write/direct. I am currently seeking a producer for two shorts, one of which was shortlisted in the London Screenwriters' fest. Both are dark thrillers set in one location with low/no budgets. I write across all genres. In addition to this, I have a spec short aimed at environmental awareness for which I require computer animation.
    Currently working on a TV pilot (drama/sci-fi), a sitcom, 3 features (a drama/comedy, a thriller, and a sci-fi).
    I'm open to collaborations and would love to hear from fellow writers, directors and producers.

    You can find me at

    All the best

  20. Hello. My name's Dan Hawkins. I'm a writer and filmmaker and have developed a number of shorts over the past few years. I'm also responsible for several graphic novels and am currently working on a TV drama. I love getting involved in independent projects and good ideas, whatever they are. I'm happy to help with script development or production/post-production. I'm well versed in Final Cut and have (and am in love with) a Sony PMW-EX3 (plus lots of other accompanying bits and pieces). Always looking for talented DOPs (especially with good knowledge of lighting) and also make-up artists at the moment. You can contact me via email at

  21. My name is Chris Dundon and I'm a writer/director. My first short film is currently on the festival circuit and available to watch online at the BBC Film Network.

    My second short film is due to be completed in January and was produced by Bigger Pictures.

    I am on the look out for an exciting and striking short scipt for my third short film. Mainly interested in drama but horror and thriller is also of interest.

    If you like my work, feel free to send your script through.


  22. Hi! My name is Kate Lally. I'm a Screenwriting student (an amateur!) but I am really keen to write and will help in any way I can.

    I love drama, comedy and pretty much every genre – though I am useless when it comes to horror as I'm too much of a loser to watch anything scary!

    Please feel free to email me at k DOT lally AT 2008 DOT ljmu DOT ac DOT uk

    As I say, I am somewhat inexperienced but I feel my writing skills have grown immensely since beginning my degree and would love to be involved in any way I can.

    Kate (:

  23. My name is Peter Bunzl. I am a short filmmaker based in London. I also write and animate. My work mixes surrealism/ magic realism/fantasy and animation.

    I am interested in finding writers to feedback and collaborate with writing on short and long form projects.
    I have made six shorts all with lots of festival exposure.
    You can check out my work at:
    or contact me at: M info(AT)peterbunzl( DOT)com

  24. Hi, I'm Tom and I'm based in Herts, UK.

    Brief CV:
    Folie A Deux, 2003 (dir. Nicola Mills) – Co-producer.
    – In 2005, this short was selected to go on the Shooting People Mobile Cinema Tour organised by Ben and Chris Blaine

    A Very English Fairy Tale, 2005 – writer/director.
    – This was a no-budget microshort that won an Editors Choice Award on the Sony Crackle site (in the days they used to promote short films).

    100 Miles, 2011 – writer/director. Currently in production and due for release in Aug/Sept.

    I currently have a couple of short scripts that are under consideration or in some form of pre-production.

    This year I'm predominantly focusing on short films – either my own or helping out on other peoples projects as much as I can.

    I can be contacted directly via email (tom [at] getgirlkillbaddies [dot] co [dot] uk) or on Twitter – @DraconianOne

    Good luck with all your projects.

  25. Hi all,

    I'm Carly Street and I'm an aspiring script writer looking to collaborate with any enthusiastic, likeminded filmakers out there. I'm passionate about the future of film and about my work. I'm looking for collaborators who share this passion. I write both features and shorts and would write a project of your preference.

    My short script Lost Souls won the cheshire youth film project back in 2005. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to see some of my work.

    My Circalit profile is also available to view –

  26. Hi Folks

    My name is Robert Grant and I'm Literary Editor and Short Film Co-ordinator for SCI-FI-LONDON (the film festival for the uninitiated)

    I'm a fledgling writer/director with a single (unfinished) short to my name and I have some production experience. Obviously I'm into science fiction/fantasy but I see those as more settings than genres as most SFF films are just thrillers, action movies, dramas etc. but in a SFF setting.

    That said I have pretty broad tastes and I'm happy to collaborate in any way as writer/crew/whatever on lmost any type of project.

    I can be reached by email at

  27. My name is David Black. I am an actor and a writer. I've managed to make that soud like an admission of guilt.

    Acting CV and this is the closest thing I have to an online showreel at present: Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle, National Autistic Society advert, Teevee, The Laughter Sketch and The Things We Do For Love and Slash (for Lucy V Hay, so don't feel you have to take my word for it.

    I have written scripts and sketches for Behind The Bike Shed, the ICA and Mr Carruthers Presents. I blog a blog called: Dave Wrote This.

  28. Been meaning to join this for ages so thanks for the prompt again, Lucy.

    My name's Hannah Duncan, writer/filmmaker based in London.

    Last year I wrote, directed and produced a short film, and am definitely up for a bit of Film Shorts Club action.

    I guess writing is my main thing (definitely with a slight horror bent; have a couple of short scripts right now that I'm trying to get off the ground) but also interested in directing and producing (have worked as Production Coordinator on other people's shorts) and, like Laurence, am also a big fan of collaborative projects, so even if you just need a runner for the day… it's all experience.

    You can get me on hlsduncan at and follow me on twitter at @hana_solo (yes, I'm a Star Wars fan). The short is available to watch on my website Doll Parts Productions

  29. Hey, I'm Rosie Claverton and I'm a Writer.

    Nothing produced, alas. Long-listed for Laughing Stock 2011 and Creative Consultant for Realm Pictures, indie film-makers extraordinary.

    I'm interested in shorts of all shapes, but my writing tends towards horror/thriller. I also play well with others.

    I have a two-minute horror project set in London that I would love to get made before the end of the year.

    If you're interested, hit me up at r.e.clavertonATgmailDOTcom.

  30. Hi, my name is Danny King. I am a writer. I'm fairly new to the game but have had a short play which won a competition and was performed in a showcase. I am just finishing a feature at the moment but have a few ideas for shorts and one short script which I only completed a few days ago.
    Ideally I would love to shoot it myself, but if people wanted to collaborate and suggest themselves as director, if the person's right I'm sure that would be great . I'm also always happy to read and give feedback on other peoples work and also to collaborate.

    Please feel free to email me

  31. Hi everyone, my name is Scott Baker and I live in London.

    I have co-written, directed and produced a short film, Headline, a five minute thriller. Apart from that I have no other creditals to date.

    Currently, I am taking part in a short course at City Univeristy and I am writing up a blog for it: and that has my film on there as well and I will be putting my second film that I will make from this course.

    I have been writing for a year now and you can see my work at: Or you can contact me and I will send you anything that you might be interested.

    So, I look forward to any directors or producers who wants to get in to contact and you can do so at:


  32. Hi Gang

    I'm keen to collaborate with filmmakers from the uk on short films.

    I have a number of scripts available – see – for current loglines.

    Expectation wise all I would like is some fun, a whole load of learning/collaboration and a written by credit – if we get it that far.

    Come talk to me.


  33. Wallace Brown's 10-page extract was selected by BAFTA Rocliffe to be showcased in 2009. The feature has been redrafted as a 4-parter for TV and now completed. (Whew)

    She wrote a 10-page short in 2010 and forwarded it to a producer in the U.S. His advice was to re-draft it as a 5-parter for the American market. She is also currently working on a 2-parter for UK prodco.

    Creating shorts is an ongoing passion and her short, ITCH, a supernatural dramedy, was a finalist at the Page Awards in 2010. If you would like to read it, she can be contacted on

    Thank you,

  34. Hello there.

    I graduated with a MA in creative & media writing a few years ago and have been writing short stories and producing plays since then. I have a short film script that formed part of my final project. It was given a distinction, and I think it has some merit. However, I’ve very little knowledge about producing film and my own attempts have fallen just the wrong side of slapstick.

    Can any potential film-maker who does fancy a shufti at this 10 minute drama 3 hander please email me at ?

    All the best,

    Rick Allden

  35. Hi my name is Sean. I am a Boston University graduate. I have a deep passion to explore, direct, write and finance short films. I would love to collaborate with fellow writers, directors who have a passion as well. I am located in Beverly Hills , California.

    Feel free to email me to make shorts with a passion!

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