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She Shall Go To The Ball!

Mega Congrats to long term Bang2writer, the gloriously named Helen Bang, who has won the Combined Mind Genre Busting Competition.

The competition was to find the most original/out-there genre-busting film concept in 100 words or less. Here it is, which Helen sees as Pixar-style animation:


Genre: atomic satire.

Water is life – but what about the life of water?

All the water is on Earth that ever was or will be. It’s highly likely that a molecule of water in your glass has been through the bladder of Oliver Cromwell…

AQUA, a peace-loving water molecule, keeps ending up inside dictators; Pontius Pilate, Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Osama bin Laden… Despite everything he maintains great faith in humanity until he is threatened with being turned into heavy water to make a nuclear bomb.

A satirical, mind-bending political comedy about an underdog’s fight to save the world.

About Helen – I write swashbuckling period adventure stories, anti-romcoms and I’m currently working on a comedy about global warming and a family sci/fi film. I love gardening and joined-up dancing.

Helen’s prize is a ticket to the London Screenwriters Festival. Well done Helen and see you there!!!!

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