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Fingerspellers World Premiere On A TV Near You!

Here’s some news about a project I script edited last year called The Fingerspellers – I loved it, so am delighted at William and Charlie’s success with it. Make sure you watch – I will be!
Tomorrow morning is the world premiere of The Fingerspellers, special feature version – 27 minutes long! The film is being shown on Film 4 at 8.45am.

It’s also online in full at from 9.15am tomorrow, and on the Community Channel through the week – see the same link for the times!

When a rival mafia family try to start selling Textphones, Deaffather and the Fingerspeller family attempt to defend their territory with their bare hands! Leading to a dodgy moustache, a major drinking problem and a huge sign language shoot out!

The film stars Ilan Dwek, Matt Kirby, Rebecca-Anne Withey, Stephen Collins, Diana Martin, David Hirshman and Matthew Gurney. It was directed by William Mager and written by Charlie Swinbourne.

For cast & crew profiles, plus trivia and photos, click here.

The PREMIERE is tomorrow morning on Film 4 at 8.45am, and on the Community Channel through the week – click here for the BSLBT website with specific times:;

Don’t miss it!

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