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The LSWF Short Script Challenge – NOW OPEN

As all my Bang2writers know, I’m involved in helping organise the upcoming London Screenwriters’ Festival this October (29-31st) at Regent’s College, London – and I can’t wait!!! – so here’s an exciting opportunity for all attending AND those unable to:

The London Screenwriters’ Festival Short Film Challenge!

What’s great about this contest is that, in addition to some real benefits like CASH and lunch with an AGENT, you actually get your film MADE.

Of course, yours truly will be reading your entries – along with my trusty team of hardcore script reading volunteers.


ANYONE can enter: delegates of the LSWF can do so FREE, whereas for non-delegates there is an entry fee of £15.


Scripts can be ANY genre, but must be ten minutes or under; they must contain no more than 5 characters (max) and up to 3 MUST be young people (teens-20ish playing age). In addition, the script must be SET at Regent’s College BUT *can* double as another place – ie. a hospital, library, whatever (as long as it’s not too difficult to re-imagine for real when filming it).


1. LSWF will purchase your script and pay you £500!!
2. Your script will be produced by a professional film making team (during the festival) and premiered as part of the closing ceremony at The London Screenwriters Festival 2010.
3. Lunch with a top writers agent in London.
4. A pass for next years London Screenwriters Festival 2011.

What are you waiting for? GET WRITING. Visit the website.

BTW – for those of you who already have a script you think *might* fit the bill (ie. but with a few extra pages or character on whatever), I have it on good authority from the Bosses that you should submit it anyway. So there’s some leeway – and no excuse not to enter! Yay!

Looking forward to reading your work…

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