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Summer Break 2010

ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to threats of divorce by my Husband and my subsequent agreement to go into rehab regarding my internet addiction, The Write Here, Write Now blog is on its very first summer break.

OMFG!! How will you manage?!! IT WILL BE OKAY:

Script Reading. Please note I’m still available for script reads during this time: get in touch via Bang2writeATaolDOTcom: all the details including links to a price list, here.

Peer Review. If you’re looking for peer review, please look through The Feedback Exchange and add your own name too. Please DO NOT spam everyone on the list.

Social Networking. I will have [limited] use of Twitter and Facebook, so if you have any questions or want a link/news disseminated across the scriptwriting universe, contact me via one of those sites. If I am VERY good, I will be allowed to come to the odd Scriptchat. Not on Twitter? Check out myTwit’s Guide To Twitter.

London Screenwriters’ Festival. Want information about The London Screenwriters Festival? Check out the website or follow @Londonswf, @Livingspiritpix, @Dcwritesmovies or @JulianFriedmann on Twitter for more regular updates and links or “Like” The London Screenwriters’ Festival on Facebook for more.

Want screenwriting advice? Check out the The Required Reading List, a free e-library of all the best screenwriting posts by various authors on the web. Bookmark it here.

Also, here is a round up of all the recent screenplay tips by moi:


Reversals – every good script needs a few surprises, yet so few specs actually have any. A look at what a reversal is and how to use them.

Montages – montages have a bad name – for good reason. How to use montage without boring the reader.

Non-Linearity – why a lot of non-linear specs in the pile don’t work

Voiceover – why scripts don’t have to die a death via this much maligned screenwriting device


Static Scenes – what they are, why the read can be slowed down by static scenes and what to do about them.

Scene Description – a short post on making every single word count.

Dialogue – a look at the usual points *for* lots of dialogue in scripts – especially TV vs. Film – and why we should all be writing LESS.


Character & Plot – why a good character is only the sum of the plot they are in

Advanced Characterisation – : Beyond “Goodies & Baddies”, in TV and Film


Titles – how choosing a title that REFLECTS your story and genre helps the reader get a “sense” of your script from the offset

Rewriting And Feedback – why getting feedback doesn’t necessarily mean it will help your script and how rewriting lots is actually a good thing

Submissions, Rejections & Relationships – some Do’s and Don’ts about submitting stuff, dealing with rejection and making things happen.
See you in September!

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