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New Articles for the Required Reading Post

Not a member of Twelve Point? Are you nuts! Just £29 a year gives you access to a wealth of articles, info and other writers at the press of a mouse. But don’t take my word for it — take a look at their FREE articles, below. Like what you see? Then sign up, it’s as simple as that!!!

I’ll be putting them in the right sections of The Required Reading Post as soon as I get round to it. Enjoy!
FREE ARTICLE: The digital world 1 : How writers and filmmakers can use it to succeed, by Laura Wilson
This series of articles by Laura Wilson is about the rapidly changing ways of reaching audiences for independent films.

FREE ARTICLE: We are all responsible for the permanent crisis in the British film industry
Julian Friedmann takes an in-depth look at 10 key problem areas in British film development today, with each of their respective potential solutions.

FREE ARTICLE: Should scriptwriters write novels as well? Pt 1
Julian Friedmann is an agent representing both scriptwriters and book writers. In this article he looks at some of the reasons why scriptwriters should also consider writing prose, not instead of but in addition.

FREE ARTICLE: Creative development – writing an outline. By Phil Parker
The art of successful creative development is the ability to see the various potentials within a story idea and then to be able to pursue several options before alighting on the one that will work.

FREE ARTICLE: Writing drama for the multiplatform age.
Richard Bevan examines multi-platform drama as the new frontier for writers, which includes writing for mobile phones and the web.

FREE ARTICLE: Why we need the devil in our stories – the role of the antagonist. By John Brice
Previously John Brice looked at the protagonist. Here he suggests that unless the antagonist is properly set up, the drama will not work effectively.

FREE ARTICLE: Showrunning, by Dominic Minghella
At the Broadcast TV Drama Conference held in London in March 2008, Dominic Minghella ( Doc Martin , Robin Hood ) addressed the audience on the subject of ‘showrunning’.

FREE ARTICLE: Strong female characters, by Lucy Hay
Do writers tend to simplify and stereotype female protagonists, giving them masculine qualities rather than depth, making them less than realistic?
NEXT FOR THE REQUIRED READING LIST: I’m looking for specific articles/write-ups about the TV Writers Festival #tvwriterfest in Leeds 30 Jun – 1st July 2010. If you know where I can find particularly detailed accounts about the sessions themselves or want me to consider yours for The List, then email me on Bang2writeATaolDOTcom.

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