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New Scriptwriting Festival – ScriptPlus, 29-30th Oct 2010

I’ve received some more info from those *mysterious* bods at the new scriptwriting festival, taking place this October, 29-30th. I feel a little like Hansel or Gretal, picking up various crumbs on the way to the gingerbread house!

Anyway, hot out of my inbox, literally seconds ago:

PitchPlusFest All delegates will be invited to take part in the PitchPlusFest where everyone will be randomly grouped into groups of 10 and each person will be give 5 minutes to PITCH their screenplay. The top two winners from each group of 10 will advance to the next round until a FINAL winner of the PitchPlusFest is chosen. The winner will receive the cost of their ticket back.

I think this sounds great fun – and great practice, too. For anyone who has done very little pitching to actual prodcos, agents, producers, etc you need to GRAB chances like this whenever you can… And those that have, well you can NEVER do too much pitching I always say.

And for those of you that missed it on Twitter yesterday (or the image at the top of this post!), the name of the festival is ScriptPlus – or rather, @scriptplusfest on Twitter. Apparently, the “plus” part relates to everything that comes hand in hand with writers, like directors, producers and our other filmmaking colleagues. The website is coming soon, too. Can’t wait!

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