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Event: Making & Raising Money Online, Sunday Jul 04 2010

Charlie Phillips has been in touch to let us all know about this event on Sunday this week (Jul 04) about funding and selling films, presented by Peter Broderick and Sandi Dubowski. I think it looks really interesting but alas can’t go — if you do, please let us know what you thought!
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

You’re invited to a special presentation that I’m giving with the fabulous Sandi DuBowski on Sunday, July 4th. MAKING AND RAISING MONEY ONLINE will provide the latest tips and tricks for funding and selling your films on the web.

The Sheffield Doc/Fest and The Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation are bringing Sandi and me to London for this presentation and an intensive workshop. While the workshop has been sold out for weeks, there are still tickets available for the presentation, which can be purchased here.

This presentation is designed to help filmmakers maximize revenues, impact, and audience. Things are changing rapidly for independents. They are not only blazing new distribution trails, they are also raising money online as never before. Crowdfunding (raising money online from individual contributions) has become a viable option in the last 6 months. In addition to raising seed money and finishing funds, filmmakers are also harnessing audiences in new ways. We will spotlight the most groundbreaking success stories from around the world.

Sandi and I, Peter Broderick have separately given presentations at Cannes, Toronto, Sundance, Berlin, Sydney, IDFA, HotDocs, and Rio de Janeiro. Sandi is an experienced filmmaker (Trembling Before G-d), an unparalleled networker, and The Good Pitch’s point person for facilitating partnerships between filmmakers and funders (NGOs and foundations). We have consulted with hundreds of filmmakers, many of whom have won prizes at top film festivals, received critical acclaim, and built sustainable careers.

MAKING AND RAISING MONEY ONLINE will be held on Sunday the 4th of July at 2pm at the Rio Cinema (107 Kingsland High Street, E8). To purchase tickets (£15), visit their site.

Don’t miss this chance to get up to speed on the very latest funding and distribution strategies. Discover how to apply these cutting-edge techniques to your projects. We hope to see you there.


Peter Broderick

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Thanks Charlie!

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