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Writing Epiphany

So I was talking to someone this Friday just past (not a writer) and she asked me how my work was going. I confessed that after a considerable dry spell, I had made some sudden and unexpected inroads on a particular project and had high hopes. I then promptly poured cold water on these hopes, as so many writers are wont to do by saying:

“… But I’m not sure my work’s good enough.”

The other person then smiled and said:

“I don’t think that’s for you to say… That’s for other people to judge, isn’t it?”

Indeed it is.

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1 thought on “Writing Epiphany”

  1. "Oh, she's way out of my league"

    "See, you don't get to decide that, she does"

    I'm sure I've ripped that dialogue from somewhere, probably John Hughes.

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