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The Feedback Exchange — for script leads?

The Feedback Exchange is really gathering momentum and it’s great to see so many names on there. I’m not aware of any people who’ve *met* virtually and exchanged feedback yet because of it – so if you have, DO let me know! I want to know the successes AND the horror stories. If you want to join The Feedback Exchange, leave your details here.

Secondly, it’s come to my attention not one but TWO directors/filmmakers have approached writers listed on The Feedback Exchange. This was unanticipated, but very welcome – so if you’re a filmmaker, please do use the list to find writers you feel may suit your project. The one thing I will ask is PLEASE don’t simply harvest all the email addresses and spam the whole list – please read through the writers’ details and specifically target them. Thanks!

So, what are you waiting for? Not one, but two potential benefits: join The Feedback Exchange.

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1 thought on “The Feedback Exchange — for script leads?”

  1. It's a great thing you've done! So far I've had one person get in touch to critique a feature script. Unfortunately I've had to pass on that until June because of my workload. And I've had a producer approach me about writing a short film script. So it's awesome!

    Thanks so much!


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