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Guest Post: Good News From Adrian Mead

Hi Everyone

Lucy has very kindly allowed me to send this quick update for everyone who has purchased Making It As A Screenwriter.

I wrote this E book to raise money for the charity CHILDLINE – a free helpline for children in danger of distress.

The book continues to receive great reviews and on Friday I dropped off a cheque for £3,800 to Childline from the ongoing sales of the book. With your continued support it will continue to generate more funds.

So, on behalf of myself and Childline many thanks again to you all, hope to catch up soon and please recommend the book to others.

Best Wishes
Adrian Mead

If you would like to read reviews of Making It As A Screenwriter and order your copy here.

More information about Childline
Brilliant news Adrian… And if you haven’t downloaded your copy of MAKING IT AS A SCREENWRITER, what’s keeping you??? Not only do the proceeds go to a brilliant charity, the book is fab – and endorsed by the likes of Tony Jordan, Ashley Pharaoh, James Moran, Danny Stack, David Bishop, plus others – including me!!! Just so you know, MAKING IT AS A SCREENWRITER is not a “how-to” book and nor will it give you a load of guff about what screenwriting is or how easy is it is to make it – instead it’s a honest, realistic look at the job we have or want… I wish it was around when I started! So, what are you waiting for? Get it now.

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