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Download VETO – A FREE Fanzine Dedicated To Women In Music & Media

Just a quick one to say VETO, a fanzine put together by the marvellous Tiffany Daniels of Drunken Werewolf magazine, is available to download as a FREE PDF here.

I love the “beaten up” look/design of the PDF and think Tiffany’s done a fantastic job pulling together articles from contributors like myself. It’s just a shame the web-hosting thing for the PDF has a semi-clad woman right next to the DOWNLOAD button – but then, that is the type of thing we’re talking about!!

My article is second in the ‘zine and entitled FUCK ‘EM (OR WHY YOU SHOULD INCLUDE A STRONG FEMALE CHARACTER IN YOUR SCRIPT). So even if feminism isn’t your thing (???!!), you can still get your dose of scriptwriting-related goodness from this PDF. And did I mention it’s FREE????

PLEASE show support and download VETO today – and forward it to all your friends!!!

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