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The Feedback Exchange

Let’s keep this simple and not get bogged down in rules.. yawn. The only 3 things I will specify:

1) Just because you contact someone asking them to read your script doesn’t mean they HAVE TO. Similarly, if you don’t want to read for someone, be polite – send them an email and tell them, don’t ignore them.

2) If they read for you, you have to be prepared to read for them. Remember to say thanks for your feedback too!

3) Never ever be vitriolic, slag someone off or take the mickey out of them, either in the feedback itself or any communication that follows. (If you feel daunted by the prospect of giving measured notes, I recommend sticking to Adrian Mead’s idea of ONLY asking questions of the script, as outlined in his “Power of Three” method).

If you find yourself on the receiving end of any of these violations by a reviewer, do let me know.


If you want to use The Feedback Exchange, please leave your details in the comments section of THIS POST. This is just for ease of reference. If you have trouble leaving your details, don’t worry: send them to me and I will post them on here. Please don’t leave them on my Facebook page or tweet them, as I plan to link this post on the right hand side bar for people to access as and when they need to. (If the comments get very lengthy, I’ll make sure there is some kind of “round up”later to make it easier – let’s just see what happens, yeah?)

So my recommendations for leaving your details:

REAL NAME – not just your online handle, please. Just put your first name if you prefer

EXPERIENCE – ie. have you ever read any scripts for work placements or internships; are you a member of a site like Zoetrope; any other writing-related stuff of relevance: MAs in screenwriting, competition placings, options, that sort of thing. Don’t worry if you have nothing yet, there will be people in the same boat looking for others like you. This doesn’t mean less experienced writers *can’t* read for more experienced writers and vice versa, however.

INTERESTS – ALL SCRIPTS welcome, including shorts and online drama, etc. However, a couple of things to consider: if you love television and write television scripts, is swapping with people who watch only movies and write feature scripts a good idea? Only you can decide. Similarly, if you have strong preferences on genre and feel unable to deal with scripts of a particular genre you ABSOLUTELY HATE, please be upfront about this. Also, here is a good place to say things you are particularly looking for, ie. crime drama, science fiction, strong female characters, sparkling dialogue, the three acts, the 22 steps, etc.

EMAIL – I suggest using this sort of layout or similar to stop spam bots usernameATemailserviceproviderDOTcom, but please do it any way you like. Links to your own blog or social networking sites are welcome too, but please don’t take the mick and advertise your sites, posts etc too much here.

Let’s make this a comprehensive list of Bang2writers willing to do peer review! Looking forward to seeing it build up over the coming weeks, months and hopefully – years.

Happy reading!

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57 thoughts on “The Feedback Exchange”

  1. Name: Peter Darby

    Experience: Very little, but have been trained by the greatest living English script reader, our esteemed host.

    Interests: Especially interested in Radio / Audio drama and short form work (short film, webisode serials etc.), but happy to read / crit anything.

    Mail: pete DOT darby AT gmail DOT com

  2. Great stuff, Lucy!

    My experience: MFA in scriptwriting (won the University's writing prize), 2008 Red Planet finalist, 2009 SWF Scriptmarket winner, two other prizes. One feature has attracted interest from a U.K. producer, another from a L.A. packager.

    Interests: Features and TV drama. Strong female characters. No horror (I never watch it so I wouldn't be much help). And yes, sure, sparkling dialogue!

    Email: QwrulesATmacDOTcom

    Look forward to reading!

  3. Name: Tom

    Experience: short film producer (and writer and director and boom operator and grip and safety diver and caterer), script consultant (as yet uncredited), Bang2Write sycophant, international athlete, occasional TriggerStreet reviewer. (Lucy has had experience of my own ubiquitous feedback style – I leave it to her to decide if I should be inflicted on others.)

    Interests: More experience of reading film (short or feature) over TV/ongoing drama or radio but happy to read anything.

    Mail: tom at dragonsmind dot co dot uk

  4. REAL NAME – Stephen Marsh

    EXPERIENCE – co-wrote a sitcom pilot that was developed by the comedy unit, have written material for BBC topical comedy radio shows. Wrote a short film script that was mentioned by MovieScope that is now in very early pre production. Did coverage on a feature film treatment which is going through film council funding. Irregular reviewer on triggerstreet.

    INTERESTS – Very wide – always interested in a variety of scripts. Particularly fond of romance stories and comedies. I've personally worked on scripts ranging from soft sci-fi feature to procedural TV drama.

    EMAIL – stephenmarsh AT gmail DOT com

  5. Jeremy Allen

    Experience: Recently graduated from De Montfort with an MA in Television Scriptwriting. Am just starting out but have had some good feedback from BBC Writers Room and various industry people.

    Interests: Television drama. Pretty open about what I read. Not particularly confined to one genre like Sci Fi or Horror. Probably more useful with television scripts through.

    Mail: jeremyallen66 AT hotmail DOT com

  6. Name: Will Simpson

    Experience: Recently completed MA in Scriptwriting at the University of East Anglia. Currently working as a researcher / writer on a new documentary series with a company in London. Done a little script reading in the past for a London-based film company.

    Interests: Features. Anything really, but love historical settings.

    Email: williamjohnsimpson AT googlemail DOT com

  7. Name: Sonya

    Experience: One screenplay commission, another screenplay was optioned and won a place on a development scheme. I also worked for a couple of companies giving detailed feedback reports to writers, after training as a reader at the Script Factory.

    Interests: Anything and everything. Most of my experience is with features, but am keen to hone my skills (writing and feedback) with Radio, shorts and TV drama.

    Mail: sonya DOT desai AT gmail DOT com

  8. Name: Martin

    Experience: Producer at Disney, then Sony, reading; writing for foreign director, commercials director, currently working on two projects for two foreign directors, one of them in English; some journalist experience, cartoonist as well, in small publications.

    Interest: Commercial films, some artsy farty ones, if cerebral better; pretentious sort of okay, hipper-than-thou, a turn-off. Eclectic interests.


  9. Hi…I'm Charlie Burrows and have been 71 years old since 3rd Feb 2010. I've had some success with radio comedy submissions and good personal feedback from BBC writers room. Having been a member of Robin Kelly's Scriptreader site for a few years now, I've learned from Robin and others about scriptreading and have also given constructive feedback. My main interest is in the comedy writing side of things.

  10. REAL NAME – Jill Rattray


    INTERESTS – Drama, sci-fi, non-fiction, or based on true events. Strong female characters, Anything set in Scotland.

    EMAIL – jill UNDERSCORE rattray AT blueyonder DOT co DOT UK

  11. Name: Iain Coleman

    Experience: Some stage writing (comedy, drama and experimental theatre). Currently working as a science writer.

    Interests: Mainly TV drama. Especially interested in SF and telefantasy, but open to most things.


  12. Name: Dawn Chapman

    Experience: Script courses completed, short produced in 2005, more recent a couple of options through Inktip for shorts. Producer for our local writers circle.

    Interests: Anything sci/fi or fantasy. Short or feature. But will read anything really. Does crit on other writing sites. zhura and zoetrope.

    Mail: savin UNDERSCORE me AT hotmail DOT com

    Please use something catchy in message as it will be caught by my spam settings, sorry.

  13. Count me in.

    Elinor Perry-Smith

    Read under PO3 rules for others. Did Euroscript training in script reading.
    BA Film and Media at Birkbeck.
    Script editor for 0110.
    Sold a short script. Currently writing a feature horror, stage play and a time travel short to be shot this summer.

    Will read anything except romcoms.

  14. Don't forget I'll post your details for you if you can't access Blogger for any reason. Here's the first:

    Name: Damian Trasler

    Experience : Theatrical script reader for three years(note: I read scripts for theatre, not read scripts in a theatrical fashion…) and I completed the Script Factory's "Reading Scripts for TV" course in 2008.

    Likes: Sci-fi, theatre, comedy.

    email – damiantraslerATyahooDOTcom

  15. NAME – Neil Baker

    EXPERIENCE – currently on an English degree with a high creative writing aspect (script writing, prose and some poetry). Advanced story structure, character development etc. 3rd Year Creative Writing Portfolio – feature screenplay being submitted instead of dissertation project. Good knowledge on some historical periods (mainly Victorian, Shakespeare, 1914-1948 and Ancient Greece and Rome)

    INTERESTS – Very interested in reading TV scripts but also full features and shorts for that matter. Specialise in action stories, so would prefer those. That said, also a fan of the horror, sci-fi, fantasy, war genres. Up for anything and everything!

    EMAIL – neilbakerwrites AT gmail DOT com

  16. Hello, this sounds great so…

    Allanah Brookes

    EXPERIENCE – Writers Factory course and MA Screenwriting at Screen Academy Scotland – lots of workshopping etc. Have read and been paid for some reports while interning at BBC and indies. Also been having trials for some soap related stuff as well as writing a comedy feature with experienced writer, which has interest, fingers crossed. Work in factual development so always surrounded by narratives and intersting characters!

    INTERESTS – Best to come to me with comedy/drama TV, features – comedy, chick flick, romance, coming of age, horror that doesn't take itself seriously (e.g. Zombieland) I'm very strong with 18-34 audience for TV so feel free to pass along your BBC3/ITV2 as that's what I work in everyday, high school scandal and mainstream culture is my specialist subject. Nothing too cerebral or really scary and no sci-fi, I won't even watch Avatar so you get the idea.

    EMAIL – allanahbrookesAThotmailDOTCOM

  17. Name: Rich Badley

    Experience: Done various courses including the Script Factory reading course and MetLab. Have done script reports for a few small production companies. As a wannabe writer myself I often swap scripts with other friends and strongly believe it's a fantastic way to gain ideas and confidence for the next draft.

    Interests: Mainly interested in genre features, especially sci-fi or thriller, but happy to take on anything!

    Email: richATreelcitizenDOTcoDOTuk

  18. Name: Terence Kenneth

    Experience: Nicholl Semi-finalist in 2005. Written spec feature and TV scripts . Done several script writing assignments for production companies.

    Interests: TV or feature drama or sci-fi scripts. No romantic comedies please.

    Email: terencekenneth at hotmail dot com

  19. Hi, Tom Lassu here. I am a Hungarian-American writer/director, actor, film community activist, event organizer and ex-teacher. MA in music, read scripts all the time, currently not for $$.

    EXPERIENCE – Recently completed Hal Croasmun’s Pro Series (22), a six month scriptwriting course ( Also took workshops by Robert McKee, John Truby, Syd Field, Michael Hauge, Linda Seger and others. I lead the New York chapter of the International Institute for Film Financing for about a year and organized film financing workshops. Founder-manager of The Film Synergy Group (

    INTERESTS – most movie (feature) scripts, drama, action, etc. Not very fond of horror or beginners. Love indies and writers who get past the dream and make/co-produce their own movie. Also looking for capable collaborators on both sides of the pond.

    I regard the three acts, the 22 steps, the 7 steps, the Archplot, the Miniplot, the Antiplot, the hero's journey, the anti hero, etc. as useful POV-s that the writers should adopt for a time while working on each and every project.

    EMAIL – tlassuatyahocom

  20. Name: Gareth Morgan
    Experience: First Class BA Hons in Drama, University of Bristol.
    Assistant Director internship, Bristol Old Vic 2009.
    Production Supervisor on Exposures and Studio Scripts festivals at the University of Bristol.
    Member of the script reading team for Manchester Royal Exchange, West Yorkshire Playhouse and Nottingham Playhouse.
    Professional theatre translator, adapter and dramaturg having worked for Bristol Old Vic, Nottingham Playhouse and director Jonathan Munby.
    Interests: Theatre (especially translation and adaptation work)

  21. Sure, why not?

    Name: blaise Hesselgren

    Experience: Written a few shorts and one feature (on last draft so some feedback would be useful). Crewed on short films and a BBC TV Film for BBC4. Done a number of courses including BBC Scriptreading course and some euroscript ones. Read all the usual books, blogs, mags etc. And done reviews on Triggerstreet.

    Interests: Features, poss TV. Just about any genre but I'm most interested in historical, action, fanstasy and sci-fi – anything escapist! Not keen on comedy or rom-coms.

    Mail: Blaise DOT Hesselgren AT gmail DOT com

  22. Hi there,

    Wonder if you could add me to your fabby resource please?

    I'd be happy to review scripts and practice being tactful at the same time. I've had a
    short film shortlisted, one feature optioned and a couple of seminars under my
    belt so far. Any genre for film or TV. Know nothing about radio plays, sad to say.
    Would definately want you to return the favour though. Susan.

    Many thanks

  23. Name: Hannah Preston

    Experience: English degree from Oxford Uni, work placement in Holby City script department at the BBC, general obsession with all things scripted (

    Interests: Drama; particularly the modern equivalent of the drawing room drama. Anything wordy where not a whole lot happens. TV, radio or theatre.

    Mail: hannahlprestonATyahooDOTcom

  24. NAME: Jonathan Peace

    Experience: Self published a novella (The Magpie's Lament: blindsided). My first spec script is ready for sale: READ ME – thriller. Currently writing another horror for Script Frenzy challenge which will become my second spec: BUBBLE-BUTT & THE MUTANT ZOMBIE MASH-UP. Have 2 further scripts planned for 2010 then 3 scripts in 2011.

    Interests: features, especially genre movies (horror/thriller), though willing to read any.


    Follow me at

    Read my blog:

  25. Oooh, yes, I like.

    Name: Mark Hill

    A radio producer, I've done a fair bit of script-reading experience, for both the BBC, Granada and others. I'm also one year into an MA Screenwriting course at Royal Holloway University and am busy working on a portfolio of stuff.

    I've become kind of addicted to reading scripts, so I'm happy to read anything.


  26. Name: Dom Carver

    Contact via:,uk

    Formats Read In: Final Draft and PDF

    Experience: A degree in scriptwriting, reader for Portman Entertainment, and opinionated sod.

    Will Read: Anything, but prepare for honest and direct criticism, and a bit of a wait for the returned notes if I'm up to my eyeballs in life pooh, pooh.

  27. Name: James Topham

    Experience: Theatre – Marlowe Society / Royal Shakespeare Company Other Prize Winner, Finalist in Old Vic Young Voices 24 Hr Plays, and have script-read for Shakespeare's Globe. Am currently developing an interest in television and have a worked a little bit as a freelance script reader, and have a couple of my own spec scripts under my belt.

    Interests: High concept / genre television drama and film.

    Mail: james DOT t DOT topham AT gmail DOT com

  28. Name: Alex

    My experience: script writer – 5 years of eps for a drama series on BBC Wales 'Belonging', plus various other bits and pieces. I fail utterly at competitions.

    Interests: I'll crit anything but I don't write anything that requires proper, grown-up research!

    mail: alex DOT carolan AT talk21 DOT com

  29. Name – David Waugh

    Experience – various writing inc poems, short stories and now working on a screenplay, attending evening classes.

    Interests – feature films, relationship stories, spiritual themes. Real life stories

    Happy to read / critique anything, the more unusual the better…

    Mail – life starts at 58kph atsign yahoo com (no spaces)

  30. This is exactly what I've been looking for!

    Name: Tom Watts

    Experience: Currently studying for a BA in Creative Writing, so script-writing features heavily. Furthermore, been doing this sort of thing over twitter for about a year.

    Interests: More interested in TV than film at the moment, but I'm fairly open. I write quirky, offbeat comedy so I guess that would be my…speciality?!

    Mail: thomascwatts AT gmail DOT com

  31. Name: Matthew Prince

    Experience: nothing produced, but have written 3 scripts and 6 shorts, and taken a few weekend courses.

    Interests: Coming of Age and Teen movies. Would like to read outlines and synopses.

    My e-mail: water49uk AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk

  32. Name: Ashley Wills

    Experience: BA (2:1) in Television Production, Written & Directed my own 30 minute short and several industry work placements inc. Waterloo Road story team. Certified TV Drama Addict.

    Interests: Keen to read any scripts; feature or TV. Particularly enjoy serialized drama as opposed to procedural formats and greatly enjoy adult, real-world stories. Welcome anybody though who wants to take advantage of my own inflated sense of opinion.

    Mail: ash DOT wills AT yahoo DOT com

  33. Name: Carly

    Experience: Limited, when I was at college I won a Cheshire Screenwriting contest which was made into an animated feature, I was briefly invoved with a British Youth Film being created by South Cheshire College however I had to leave the project due to personal issues and unfortunately I never made my way back into it. Since having my daughter I have reignited my script writing. I have many scripts all at varied stages of completion.

    Interests: Many things, I have to admit that I am not particularly fond of period dramas but aside from that, I'm happy to ready anything! I am personally on the look out for a potential writing partner if anyone is looking for something similar….:)

    Mail: carlystreet AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk

  34. Name: Jon Dudley

    Experience: A short film I wrote and directed was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009. Have also worked for various production companies and have experience reading feature films and television scripts.

    Interests: Any genre, any format (tv, features, short)

    Look forward to swapping scripts with people! Have some exciting things I;m working on that I;d like feedback for.

    Feel free to drop me an email: jdudley209 [AT] googlemail [DOT] com

  35. Name: Dan

    Experience: Not much – I just like writing, shorts especially. Oh, and I once played in a school production of "To Kill a Mockingbird".

    Interests: Any genre. I'll read yours if you read mine 🙂

    Mail: danielr45ATgmailDOTcom

  36. Name: Kate Lally

    Experience: Little. I am currently doing an English & Creative Writing degree (the bulk of the Creative Writing being Screenwriting), and regularly attend screenwriting workshops.

    Interests: I like writing all kinds of things, and am happy to read all-kinds, though I imagine I would be awful with horror.

    Mail: erDOTcom, but please do it any way you like. Links to your own blog or social networking sites are welcome too, but please don't take the mick and advertise your sites, posts etc too much here.

    Let's make this a comprehensive list of Bang2writers willing to do peer review! Looking forward to seeing it build up over the coming weeks, months and hopefully – years.

    Happy reading!