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New Service: Not From Concentrate

Got an email from this website this morning – thought it looked interesting, so thought I’d pass it on. You should note it’s a paid-for service, but given so many screenwriters are writing spec TV series, might be worth investing in: gotta speculate to accumulate and all that. Let me know if you do use this service and what you think of it.

Hello and welcome to Not From Concentrate, the all-new ideas and talent agency, brought to you by former Channel 4 executives. We’re here to help if you’ve ever had an idea for a TV sitcom, drama series, documentary, quiz show or any other programme you think will be a ratings winner.

To get things started, check out our comprehensive Starter Pack which includes:

– a unique Ideas Development Checklist to help you structure your ideas like the professionals
– a guide to the TV basics that puts telly jargon into plain English
– an overview of the commissioning and production world case studies and testimonials

Book a session with our Media Professionals who are on hand to:

– give you personalised feedback sessions
– prepare a written analysis of your idea
– spot potential gaps in the marketplace for your ideas to come to life

And log on to our website for details of:

– media trends and focuses
– industry call-outs and competitions
– live events and seminars
– jobs and career development opportunities

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2 thoughts on “New Service: Not From Concentrate”

  1. Funny you should post this today, Lucy – I was just about to log in at 12pt to ask some questions about writing TV series… Thanks 🙂 !

  2. I met James from Not From Concentrate at the Screenwriters' Festival. He was really committed and excited by the project and he's got the background.

    Might well be worth a punt

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