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Can You Help Us Out?

So, the majority of Slash is in the can and very good it looks, too. If you missed the photos of the shoot on Halloween recently, then you can see them here.

If you have been reading the updates however, then you know the ghosts of Hallows Eve conspired against us on a massive scale, meaning we lost the light for the two daytime scenes. This was particularly maddening, because the scenes are very short – but we can’t really do without them, since they are in the set up of the story. This didn’t stop us having a go of course:

DIRECTOR: I’ve got it! They’re the type of couple who go NIGHTWALKING.

ME: Who the hell goes nightwalking?

DIRECTOR: OK, OK… The boyfriend got lost on his way here and they’re running late.

ME: And the girlfriend conveniently doesn’t notice daylight has disappeared and he’s walking her through a wood??

DIRECTOR: The script says she’s blindfolded! You wrote the bloody thing…

ME: *Glowers*

DIRECTOR: Alright, alright: they’ve decided to re enact the scenes from Michael Jackson’s THRILLER.

ME: We’re just grasping at straws now, aren’t we.

So despite our best (mad) ideas in the middle of the night, we can’t do without those two very short daytime scenes. This means bringing back our two lovely actors and sound guy from London, our marvellous makeup artist from Gloucester and our fine DoP from Oooop North. Whilst we can’t afford to pay these wonderful people who’ve devoted their time to our project, we obviously need to pay their expenses. And inevitably, we’re broke.

The scenes will be shot on December 12th, all being well (especially weather-wise). We’re asking if you can spare a few quid towards our completion fund – five or ten pounds maximum, there’s no need to dig into deep, especially with Chrimbo round the corner. In return we can offer you the script, a copy of my 19 page “script reading secrets” booklet and our undying thanks. The “Donate” button is still active on the right hand sidebar of this blog.

Thanks so much!

NOTE: PLEASE DON’T give more if you’ve given already, we don’t want to take the mick, you’ve been kind enough already – besides, I don’t have have anything more to give you in return since this short has taken up more time than I imagined!!! BTW, if you donated in the first round of the Slash fund and DIDN’T receive your script as promised, let me know immediately!!!

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4 thoughts on “Can You Help Us Out?”

  1. Thanks Lisa –

    If you're reading this post via a reader, if you go to the blog site (, there's a DONATE paypal button on the right hand sidebar.

    Alternatively, log into your paypal account, enter my email address, the amount you want to donate and click "donate".

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