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[Guest] Thought For The Day: My Lightbulb Moment By Adrian Mead

Last week I was listening to a major international film financier talk about how tough the market is now due to disappearing funding sources and too much content that isn’t selling. He gave the best piece of advice I’ve heard in ages – a real lighbulb, kick-in-the-goolies moment:

“Ask yourself, “If my film didn’t get made, would anyone actually miss it?””

For me, it was a simple and powerful litmus paper test for your projects.

Is it…

… Already packaged with stars or a name director?

… Using a new and innovative storytelling method?

… Highly controversial?

… Deeply moving?

… Way funnier/scarier/thrilling than anything else recently out there?

If not, why not? Otherwise why will anyone care?

Really made me look at my own ideas … “If this didn’t get made would anyone actually miss it?”

Thanks Adrian! (Actually, what I’m really thinking about right this second is “he wrote, “goolies”, lol!” – but this EXCELLENT advice will no doubt sink in later when my Inner Child is done with mirth.

Adrian’s website – click here to download Adrian’s awesome e-book HOW TO MAKE IT AS A SCREENWRITER, recommended by writing greats like Tony Jordan.

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