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Guest Post: A Few Questions By Damian Trasler

Does it drive you slightly batty
If the plot is light and scatty
And the characters are all the writer shows?
Or do you find yourself quite dotty
If the characters are spotty
But they race to find the bomb before it blows?
Do you scan the first ten pages,
Making sure the hook engages
Or relax and just see how the story flows?
Do you write till you’ve got plenty?
Do you aim for that one-twenty?
Or just write the thing and see how far it goes?
Is your timeline front to back?
Do you think Quentin T’s a hack?
Have you got Three Act Structure coming out your nose?
Is your “Story” copy tattered?
Is your “Save the Cat” all battered?
Do you read them til your sunward window glows?*
Where do you get your ideas?
Do you visualise your fears?
Do you take a pair of friends and make them foes?
Do you write in pen or pencil?
Do you use a structure stencil?
Do you have a writing room where no one goes?
Do you write outside your zone?
Do you work your best alone?
Do you exercise to keep you on your toes?
Now you may well find me tasking,
With these questions I keep asking,
But I’ve tried to write myself, oh, Heaven knows…
But I ask ‘em and I question
Ask which secret is the best ‘un?
Because essentially I’m finding any reason to avoid knuckling down and really coming to terms with the story I’m trying to write.

*With the arrival of dawn. Because you’ve read all night.
Thanks Damian! Awesome effort there (I don’t think there’s ever been a poem on this blog before!), though you’ve not sent me a bio, so be quick about it and send me something so the good people reading this blog know who you are ; )

UPDATE: And here’s the bio!!!

Damian studied long and hard to get to the top of his chosen profession, but after years of struggle admitted he’d never be a brain surgeon. He fell into play writing and has been unable to find his way out again. People often say “So, what sort of plays do you write?” and he’s considering offering a reward for whoever can come up with a snappier answer than “You know, sort of funny ones…”.

After receiving various awards for his one act plays, he’s enjoyed more success by joining TLC Creative and writing all sorts of stuff for an international customer base. He’s determined to continue the TLC campaign to rule the world of theatrical scriptwriting, even though he’s accidentally moved to Canada. He is still writing, but has yet to see a moose.

You can mail Damian directly:
Fancy seeing your words up in print here? Be my guest… Email me now on Bang2writeATaolDOTcom. Thanks!

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