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SLASH – Cast & Crew Call

Very exciting stuff going on here at Bang2write Towers – Schuman and I have FINALLY set a date for filming our five minute horror spoof, SLASH. We had hoped to film the end of Aug, but we’re now the end of Sept, so all things considered we’re not too far behind schedule… I CAN’T WAIT. This will be my second stint as a producer ever and I’ve got high hopes, think we have a strong script and Schuman has some fab ideas as ever for the look of the film. If you want to be involved too – please take a look at the opportunities available for cast and crew and get in touch!


This is a DIY short, we have NO funding from our local screen agency etc, so we can’t offer money – sorry. Everything we collected for the Slash fund will be going directly back into the production (like wardroble/blood etc noted below) and the shortfall will be coming out of mine and Schu’s pockets (or more likely, credit cards! Yikes!). What we can offer is food/drink on the shoot, DVD of final film and our undying devotion and respect.

SHOOT: Saturday, Sept 26th (It will be a day AND night shoot, so if you’re busy on Sun 27th, this is not for you, it’s gonna be a LONG day! : )

AUDITIONS: Saturday, Sept 12th (London)

Also: our insurance does not permit us to have anyone under the age of 18 on our set, whether cast or crew. Sorry!

PLEASE APPLY TO ME ONLY, Lucy, Bang2write”AT”aol”DOT”com – and put SLASH CAST or SLASH CREW in the subject line, else I may lose you in my giant inbox!!



We are looking for TWO actors this time for the parts of:

TOM – a student, “normal”, middle-class, non-rebellious type – not the kind to have loads of piercings, tattoos, etc.

KIMBERLEY – also a student, high maintenance, takes care of herself, probably has fantastic nails and makeup even in the middle of a wood.

NB. Tom and Kimberley are boyfriend/girlfriend, but there’s no snogging involved! ; ) Both do a lot of running around and there’s a fight scene. Playing ages approximately 18 – 23, but this is a rough approx – *can* be older, no younger. Thanks.


We are looking for the following crew:


RUNNER # 1 – big fella needed for this one, sorry grrlz. You will literally be running with Schuman the director to make sure he doesn’t fall over with the camera and if he DOES trip and falls on you, he WILL squish you if you’re a wee girl or chap!

RUNNER # 2 – male or female. Driving licence/own car definite advantages cos neither Schu or I drive!!!

WARDROBE – *some* money available for costumes thanks to our wonderful Slash fund contributors

MAKE UP – must have own kit, but we have money for BLOOD


If anyone has or knows anyone who has a generator we can hire, please get in touch cos not even sure where to start on that bar simply opening yellow pages!


Please feel free to pass these details on to anyone you think will be interested in the above.

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3 thoughts on “SLASH – Cast & Crew Call”

  1. totally was about to offer to be a runner (have a car) then realised i have to go to a wedding on the 26th (goddamn these fancy people wanting to get married). my initital reaction was totally to bail on the wedding, but think i'd be massacred all around if i did so. sigh. another time, perhaps.

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