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Guest Post: Lennie Varvarides, Making Theatre Work

My name is Lennie Varvarides, I am dyslexic, I am also a theatre writer, performance poet and a filmmaker, together with being a dreamer, or “visualiser” as I prefer to call myself. Back in 2007 it dawned on me: I cannot be the only dyslexic that loves writing and as passionate as I believed myself to be? I became even more excited by the prospect that there could be an army of dyslexic storytelling troops out there, ready to start a war of grammar and structure and linear plots. Call me a revolutionary, or an egotist, but I wanted to head up my own fleet, I had ambition, (I know in women it’s dangerous), I am resilient.

I am determined to find dyslexic writers, to seek out dyslexic poets, to uncover dyslexic filmmakers and I will bring them all together, united, under one festival called “Dyssing Monadys”. I will use all means necessary, shamelessly marketing Dyssing Monadys on ALL social media sites because it’s free and it’s fast and I do not have much time.

I need theatre writers by 1 September, I need performance poets to send me their MySpace and YouTube links today, I need
filmmakers from around the world to send me their DVD, but most of all, I need the common man and woman, the civilians of the arts, to help me twitter and blog for the cause. Go forth my minions and help to discover new stories!

(more info at


Dyssing Monadys, the annual festival for dyslexic theatre writers, performance poets, and filmmakers, will prove Labour MP Graham Stringer and Professor Dennis Harding wrong on Monday 5 October 2009. Dyssing Monadys is part of Adult
Dyslexia Awareness Week and will be hosted at this year’s sponsor venue, The Horse, 124 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7XG.

Dyslexia can be a gift, not a ‘cruel fiction,’ as implied by Graham Stringer, the Labour MP for Blackley, Greater Manchester and msft, the engine behind the festival, believes that being diagnosed with dyslexia should no longer be an embarrassment.

Festival producer, Lennie Varvarides said, “Dyssing Monadys and other events taking place as part of Adult Dyslexia Awareness Week, will encourages dyslexic practitioners to come out of the creative closet.”

Comments by Professor Dennis Harding, (The Times, May 31, 2009), implying dyslexic people are, “…manipulating the assessment structure….,” and that dyslexia is more of a “guise for poorly performing students to get away with bad spelling and grammar”, are extremely damaging.

“Although people with dyslexia learn differently and struggle with left brain activities, they are often original storytellers and I hope that Dyssing Monadys will encourage a more positive view of this learning difference.” says Lennie Varvarides.


Dyssing Monadys is a new permanent fixture to the London literary and fringe scene. We are currently looking for 20 dyslexic participants to take part in the festival. Please email dyssingATmakingtheatreworkDOTcom by 1 September 2009 for more information and submission guidelines.


Making Theatre Work

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Being Dyslexic website and forum

EMAIL: lennieATmakingtheatreworkDOTcom

Thanks Lennie!

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