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Writing For Radio: Don’t Miss It

Okay, Okay I’m late to the party – but a lot of my Bang2writers ask about writing for radio and this is one area I just don’t have a clue about, since I have never attempted it! Luckily for me however, the mighty Michelle Lipton has written a mammoth, ten step post on how to get a radio series commissioned, because she’s ONLY GONE AND DONE IT. Nice one Michelle! And thanks for sharing your insight with us, for I’m going to steal your delicious brains and write the rival series, I will be Cain to your Abel! Corrie to your Eastenders! Cheese to your chocolate! Oh yes. Actually I doubt I’ll have the time, what with raising two satanic children amidst a bombsite as the whole of my upstairs is obliterated (don’t ask, it seemed like a good idea at the time) , plus the whole script reading/scriptwriting thing, so instead I archived it in The List of Wonder, my e-library of interesting writing posts by various authors you can access on the right hand side bar. In fact, while we’re on the subject, you radio types will be interested to hear there’s a whole section devoted to radio in The List, so get yourself over there now.

Don’t say I never do anything for you…

UPDATE: If you’re wondering whether you SHOULD or SHOULDN’T work for free, another Michelle, this time the delightful SoFluid, has collated all the tweets she received on Twitter the other day about this very subject and written a rather interesting blog post about it. This can be found out the “Miscellaneous” section of THE LIST OF WONDER. Enjoy!

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