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Winner Of The LOST Contest

Well, over brekkie this morning, The Hub and Boy read and argued over the handful of entries we had for the LOST contest and picked Nick H’s as *the* way to get off the island:

“Construct jet engine from Dharma brand diet cola and mentos. Attach to island, turn island into cruise ship and party all the way home.”

Nice one Nick – we’ll look forward to hearing your write up on the session next week!

Commiserations to those who didn’t win – thanks for entering though! I dare say there will be other opportunities in the near future to win stuff on here, so keep your eyes peeled. Thanks also to all those on Twitter who RT’d my tweets, making sure the contest got out to all n’ sundry… Judging by the amount of DMs and Facebook msgs I got, Fri July 3rd was a bad date for many as well as myself! Let’s hope future workshops will be at the weekend. Speaking of which, anyone going to Adrian Mead’s class on Saturday (Jul 4), I’ll see you there! : )

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2 thoughts on “Winner Of The LOST Contest”

  1. you mean the hub and the boy didn't like my sawyer plan? how very dare they!

    congrats to nick and looking forward to reading his notes.

  2. Thanks v much Lucy! Thanks potdoll.

    I'm sharpening my crayons ready to write a thorough report on tomorrows doings.

    Stay tuned.

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