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The Best (Most Delicious?) Spam Email EVER!

I get awesome Spam – and despite this one previously being my best for the last year or so, I think this one’s gonna take some beating. Enjoy!
Hello there,

Can I just say, before we begin – that outfit is very fetching, you look lovely today. Simply lovely.

I know your inbox is clogged with all sorts of unsolicited mail promising you larger this or smaller that or drugs or cheap watches – all of which are just thinly veiled attempts to separate you from your money.

Well this is email is different, this email is a revolutionary new concept – POLITE JUNK MAIL!

It’s similar to the normal kind except there are NO BAD CONSEQUENCES FOR ANYONE and no one gets hurt, ripped off or sold things they don’t want. It’s time to make the nasty business of unwanted emails work for the people for a change. And by ‘the people’, I of course mean – me.

Let me be very clear about this – this is a chain letter and I am trying to separate you from your money – but only a tiny, tiny fraction of it. You see, I want you to BUY ME AN ASTON MARTIN.

“Ridiculous!” I hear you cry. “How can I, Johnny or Janey Normal, possibly afford to buy you, random Internet stranger, a £110,000 luxury car?”

Well, obviously, you can’t. And neither can I, which is how all this came about. You see, I would like nothing more in the world than to own an Aston Martin – yes, I know I should be wishing for world peace or an end to poverty or some such; but I’d really much rather have an Aston Martin. We haven’t got much use for world peace round our way and in a sense I am trying to put an end to poverty on a very specific and personal basis.

Rest assured though, there will be no attempt to glean any personal information from you, nowhere will you be asked to fill in any forms and we will have no personal contact. If you fail to follow the instructions in this email NOTHING BAD WILL HAPPEN TO YOU OR YOUR LOVED ONES. Conversely, if you do follow the instructions, nothing good will happen to you or your loved ones either. I, on the other hand, will be one teeny-tiny step closer to owning a brand new Aston Martin; and my loved ones will be able to share in my joy as they watch me drive up and down – I won’t be letting them inside because they’re a bit on the grubby side and might ruin the leather.

So what am I actually asking for?

Not much, as it happens.

If you would be so kind, please visit – if you don’t want to click on this link (and that’s very sensible and prudent of you) then feel free to type it into the search engine of your choice. You should instantly be delivered to a lovely site which gives you more details, including pictures of the car I want, the total raised so far and a list of FAQ’s.

If you then feel so inclined, you can help me in any one of three ways:

1) Donate a tiny sum of money. About 50p sounds lovely to me. You probably won’t miss it and I’ll be 50p closer to owning an Aston Martin. You can donate more, you can donate less – it’s totally up to you.
2) Forward this email on to everyone in your address book – spread the word, spread the Aston Martin love … just don’t spread the wealth any further than me.
3) Both of the above.

And that’s it. Simple, isn’t it?

Once again, let me assure you – this isn’t a scam or a joke, there’s no gypsy’s curse attached to this missive and not a single penny of this money is going to charity. It is exactly what it purports to be, a lone individual (a crazy dreamer some might say) trying to use the modern phenomenon of junk mail to bring a little joy to the world.

My world, true, but it still counts.

Please take care of you and yours, it would be absolutely lovely to hear from you soon, lovelier if you could pass this on and loveliest if you could spare a little loose change.

Yours, in eternal optimism

An Aston Martin fan

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10 thoughts on “The Best (Most Delicious?) Spam Email EVER!”

  1. Not sure it's *really* what it says it is: it's TOO blatant! Think it's more than a little likely this is actually some sort of writer-led scam to get our attention fundraising-wise for a film or whatever revealed at a later date… Will let you know when I do!

  2. Buy me anAston Martin

    My dear Ms Hay,

    I can positively assure and reassure you there is no ulterior motive to my web-style posturing.

    I genuinely do want an Aston Martin – who wouldn't?

    Thank you for your blogging this fine day, it is most appreciated, I assure you.

    Your humble servant

    An Aston Martin Fan

  3. BMAAM – Oooooh I've never had a humble servant before: I must think of things for you to do for me (ooo er)!

    Brain – worry not, to enormous amounts of spam all you have to do is JOIN EVERY MAILING LIST KNOWN TO MAN. *Simples*

  4. Buy me anAston Martin

    My dear Ms Hay,

    if there is any service I may perform for you, it would be my undying pleasure. Provided there's nothing lewd or obscene, which I'm sure a lady like yourself would find distasteful anyway.

    If I may prevail on you once more, would you or your lovely readers like to join my group on Facebook?

    Humble apologies for imposing once again.

    An Aston Martin Fan

  5. WTF???


    *OF COURSE* anything I would want you to do would be BOTH lewd and obscene!

    I'm outraged you didn't know this, you've clearly not read this blog before. *hurmph*

  6. I'm not sure this is a film investment fundraising enterprize Lucy.

    Maybe he is really just an Aston Martin fan….?

    I think I shall ask him. 🙂

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