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Watch It, Vote For It, Pass It On…

Hello All,

My filmmaking partner Carolina and I have once again entered the Virgin Media Shorts competition, and once I again I’m inviting you all to check it out, leave some comments, vote for it and pass it on. Your help and support will be very much appreciated! The films are only 2m20secs long so won’t take up too much of your time, and hopefully you’ll enjoy it anyway.

Last year our film ‘Not Coming In’ didn’t win, but since the competition it’s been nominated for two awards and been picked up for distribution – hopefully we’ll do the same with these new films (although winning would be nice also)!

We have two films in competition this year; the first is called ‘Ornamental’ and you can check it out here.

The second will be up in a few days and is called ‘Time of the Month’. I’ll send you all another email when it’s ready.

In the meantime, please enjoy ‘Ornamental’, and any feedback (good OR bad) will be very welcome.

Thank you all!


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5 thoughts on “Watch It, Vote For It, Pass It On…”

  1. Enjoyed Ornamental, but the woman's accent makes the word 'house' sound like 'arse' to me.

    Which makes the line 'they want to live in your house' somewhat perturbing…

  2. Agreed about the woman's accent, although for me that only made the line 'they want to live in your house' rather inviting.

    It's good fun. The film, I mean.

  3. That was hilarious, your actress got it spot on because it takes a certain style to pull that mockumentary genre AND be actually funny. I particularly liked the birthday party. Loved it.


  4. I've watched a helluva lotta short films in my time and 95% of them fail because the film-makers are tryig to be too clever, too arty, make it too long, don't understand what short film is… you get the idea.

    I'm pleased to say this is one of those tiny majority that got things right. A perfectly balanced comedic performance (house sounding like arse just made things better in my opinion) and not too long (the biggest mistake of most short films).

    five thumbs up!

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