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Looking for Eric (No Spoilers), Slash & Other Stuff

Just passing through… Mega busy this week reading and trying to get a rewrite AND a treatment done, so here goes:

NO SPOILERS. As my Twitter legion and Facebookers already know, I went to see Ken Loach’s latest LOOKING FOR ERIC on a free showing yesterday. It’s written by the mighty Paul Laverty, Loach’s long time screenwriter partner and yet again they’ve produced a thought-provoking drama, with plenty of laughs and pathos. “Ken Loach” and the word “depressing” often feature heavily in reviews, but I can tell you there’s nothing remotely depressing about Looking For Eric, even though it’s actually about a man who is depressed. Intrigued? You should be. This is easily one of the most impressive Brit Flicks I’ve seen since Slumdog. It opens June 12 here in the UK, so make sure you go and see it. Check out the official website here.

A big thank to all who have donated to SLASH so far – we’ve had an awesome response and people have been really kind, you’re all fab!!! Schuman and I met recently to discuss various things and there will be a casting call very soon, so all you actors out there keep your eyes peeled! If you would like to donate to SLASH, that would be brilliant, thanks – and you’ll get my 19 page, all-new PDF “Script Reading Secrets” in return for your generosity. Cheers!

In other news, it would appear I’ve made it through the first sift of the Writers’ Academy applications, which is a relief. Apparently I did last year too, though I never knew because they weren’t blogging about it like they are now. The pile has been reduced from nearly 500 to 150, with 30 going through to the workshops in July, making it a 1 in 5 chance for me. I’d really like it to be this year, I feel ready to at least get to the next stage, if not the final few. We’ll have to see, anyway. I’ve done all I can. Ceri Meyrick has offered some interesting insights over at the Writersroom blog about this year’s entries, well worth a look, click here.

Also, I’m dead chuffed Diversity won Britain’s Got Talent. My sad love of talent shows is legendary in my house, not so much on here, but I really relate to people trying to get their break because that’s what we’re all trying to do with this writing lark. I’ve been to a couple of pitching sessions/ workshops/ opportunities etc that have been rather stressful and in-your-face like X Factor or BGT and can even see why they burst into tears like big Jessies. I think I would too. No, I DEFINITELY would. Must remember to take some tissues if I get through to the Workshop!

Now. Back to work…

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3 thoughts on “Looking for Eric (No Spoilers), Slash & Other Stuff”

  1. The comment on the writers room was funny.

    Are there really that many scripts about people finding out their parents arent their real parents?

    I’m actually writing one now, although its actually as much of a romance as it is about that.

    Its weird I am writing it cos it happened to me, foolishly thinking that my experience would lend to the story…..perhaps I should reconsider?!


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