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Hopeless New Screenwriters

The Scribefather aka Adrian Mead has asked me to post this on the blog about his latest class on July 4th… I’ll be there! Will you? Let us know in the comments, via Twitter or email me.
Okay, here’s a confession. I’m busy putting the final touches to the class I’m teaching next week and incredibly excited about sharing all this new material for the first time. However, I’m certain that for some of you this will be a day of uncomfortable truths… as I intend to crush any hope you have of a career in the film and TV industry.

Why? Because I’ve set myself the challenge of taking a room full of aspiring screenwriters and filmmakers and presenting them with a blueprint for achieving success, in one of the world’s most competitive industries and in the midst of a recession.

At the end of the class I can guarantee at least one or more of you will come up to me and say, “Thank you Adrian, I’m certain now that I don’t want to be a screenwriter or filmmaker”. (I know you’re thinking, “this is one weird sales pitch”, but stick with me.)

I’ll be really pleased to hear this. It means I’ve shared exactly what it takes to make it as a professional screenwriter or filmmaker. You have decided you are either not ready or willing to do the work involved. I have saved you from ending up miserable and frustrated – not due to a lack of talent, but because your career strategy would have fallen far short of what is required.

Often that moment of realisation comes when I start talking about what I consider to be the most obscene four letter word in the English language.

That word is HOPE.

It’s a word that sits deep in the psyche of many people and poisons their potential.

Ask yourself, just how much of your future is actually based on hope?

You hope someone will introduce you to a fairy godmother that will take you under their wing, magically open doors to your new career.

You hope NEXT YEAR things will somehow be different.

You hope that sending out yet another script or manuscript around the same small circle of contacts will do it.

If the truth is that hope plays a major part in your plans, then next week I’m going to crush hope, make it a dirty and destructive secret that you are no longer willing to have in your life, and replace it with the tools you need to build the career you want.

Here’s what some of De Montfort’s MA students had to say about just a few of the new career building strategies we are going to explore.

Adrian’s class was the last of our MA in Television Scriptwriting at Demontfort (May 2009) and it couldn’t have been more perfect.
Clair Chapwell

The session was fantastically motivational, and the techniques make a whole lot of sense – it’s been easily the most useful day of the course so far.
Michael Davies

Adrian is a true inspiration. The morning after his course I got up at 6am and contacted 4 production companies. Two of which had replied by 9.30 requesting sample scripts.
Ruth Symes

… Having attended one of Adrian’s talks, I realised that no matter how on top of things you feel you are, there is always room for improvement and it’s not always necessarily about working harder… just smarter.
Sinead Fagan

These are exciting times for those of you who are ready and motivated. If you want to throw out hope and take control of your future join me for a whole day dedicated to creating the simple and highly effective career strategy you need in order to succeed right now. Learn how to access opportunities that most people don’t even know exist and hear straight talk from industry professionals about what your next step should be. There are only a few places left so book now. Details below.

Best wishes,
Adrian Mead


When and Where?
Saturday 4th July from 10am – 5pm in Central London

For more info and bookings please visit Initialize Films
Don’t forget Adrian encourages networking at his classes – what are you waiting for? DO IT NOW and see you there!

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7 thoughts on “Hopeless New Screenwriters”

  1. Yo yo! I'll be there! Wooop!

    Don't actually know what you look like though Lucy so you may have to approach me! (Easy – curly hair & brown glasses!)

    I do believe Laurence Timms is going too, but other than him I'm not sure who of the other bloggers will be in attendance.

    I don't think I'm doing too badly on the networking front right now… Do need to make me some snazzy business cards, though!

  2. Curly hair and brown glasses – wow, you'll stick out like a veritable SORE THUMB Michelle!

    As for me, just look out for the girl with the big gob and many bangles & strings of beads. Alternatively, just check my name badge ; )

  3. Yep, Michelle's on the money. I'll be there. Balding, glasses, forty.

    If I don't get a name badge I'll write my name across my forehead in marker pen.

    I just had my business cards printed at I recommend them. If you're looking for something funky then go there.

  4. Hey Laurence, I'll see you there, then. And I'll second your recommendation for Moo: I got some recently and they're fab. Not badly priced, either.

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