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C-C-Check ‘Em Out

It’s filmmaking-tastic in the Blogosphere right now, probably accounting for the slowdown in posts here and elsewhere… But c’mon: let’s not just talk about it, LET’S DO IT.

First off, check out the lovely Lara’s entry for the Virgin Media Shorts contest, Hostile. It’s all about those people who walk the line between creative genius and madness – so, writers then! : ) You can watch it here.

Secondly, the marvellous (and prolific) Phill Barron’s new film, Just For The Record, has a trailer out. All about how NOT to produce a feature film for £50K, Just For The Record is a mockumentary which boasts an amazing cast including my personal fave Sean Pertwee (though he appears not to get eaten/BBQ’d alive in this one! Phill – FAIL! ; ) Watch the trailer (below) and/or join the Facebook group here.

Whilst we’re on the subject, thanks so much to everyone and their generosity regarding the Slash Fund and our call for donations. A super-quick update: we’re hoping to film in August (it’s a nightmare getting mine and Schu’s schedules to match!) and crew/cast calls will go out very soon. As far as SAFE goes, that’s going through the Withoutabox system this very day and has already been submitted to SW Screen’s open call for content for the Glastonbury Festival’s big screens, though we’re yet to hear. In addition, we’ve been brainstorming feature ideas and I’ve starting writing a treatment – watch this space! Don’t forget you can join Safe Films, my Facebook group too.

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