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Slash Fund: The Hunt Down The Back Of The Sofa Campaign!

With our last film safely (arf) in the bag, Schu and I are throwing all our efforts at our new venture, a seven minute horror/comedy short called Slash. Slash follows the fates of mismatched couple Tom and Kimberley and their disastrous weekend camping trip in the woods (yeah, yeah, you *think* you know how it goes….!)

On this basis then, please consider donating to our “Slash Fund”. I know there are lots of short films around, all begging for your cash, so here are my top 4 reasons for donating to SLASH:

1) You’ll be keeping Schuman off the streets. He’s a single male, kinda like a rogue lion or something, so will cause havoc with the laydeez wherever he goes if he is not occupied with a film to make. HURRY.

2) I need constant validation because of my childhood – my evil siblings used to wait for me to go into the treehouse, then take the ladder away and leave me stranded. I need to channel my pain into ART.

3) You’ll get a copy of the script once the final draft is signed off.

3) No matter the size of the contribution, EVERYONE gets a 19 page PDF “Secrets of Script Reading” (all new articles, NOT on the blog or the old AOL one!), written by yours truly, based on my experiences of reading literally thousands of specs.

So…. Want to be a script reader? There’s bags of advice here on how to go about it… Oh, you DON’T want to be a script reader? No matter – there’s lots of great stuff here on how script readers think, what they look for and how they might judge your script. This PDF has something for everyone… C’mon!

There is NO minimum or maximum donation – every penny counts! So hunt down the back of the sofa, the bottom of your handbag, your spouse’s moth-eaten wallet (already plundered mine). No donation too small!

Please click on the “Donate” button on the right hand sidebar of this blog and give whatever you can.

If you’re waaaaaay poor, no worries, I won’t kill you*, but please forward, blog, tweet and Facebook Safe Films and tell EVERYONE you know about our campaign to get “Slash” funded!

Thank you, you’re all gems. MWAH.
* I’m calling off the dogs… now.

** At time of writing, we had our very first donation from the FABULOUS Michelle Goode! Thanks Michelle, you totally rock.

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6 thoughts on “Slash Fund: The Hunt Down The Back Of The Sofa Campaign!”

  1. I had a look down the back of my sofa and found some bits of toast, bogeys and a few pubes. Do you want them?
    Maybe you can use them for props in your film! Im on the M4 corridor if you fancy picking them up sometime. I’ll keep them in a bag just in case.

  2. Oh, I also found a secret doorway to the land of Sofania ruled by the Emperor Argos.
    There are dark times in Sofania at the moment.
    War has broken out between the Land of Leather and Furniture Village.

    My WV is “Phork” How cool!

  3. Hi Lucy
    Love the site – lots of useful hints and tips…Just gave a small donation to your fund. Looking foward to reading the script reader notes…did some script reading for a theatre a short while back…it's hard work!

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