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Did Someone Say Adrian Mead?!?


Hi Lucy,

Great article and many thanks for the kind words… I can reveal an exclusive on your site. As you know we only get time to do a couple of classes a year, usually one in Scotland, one in London.

We will be staging our next class in central London on Sat 4th July.


The film and TV industry has changed massively in the last six months. Have you changed your career building strategy to reflect this, or are you plodding along employing an outdated and now useless approach? What should you be doing differently?

THE SCREENWRITER’S CAREER GUIDE will be jam packed with info about the very latest career building opportunities for screenwriters and filmmakers. No screenwriting theory, just how to build contacts, get a job, find money and build a career in the film and TV industry.

There has never been a better time to be a writer or filmmaker trying to get your break. Yet most of you are unaware of the kind of opportunities we will be discussing, many which have arisen BECAUSE of the economic downturn.

Details will follow soon and Write Here Write Now will be the first to get them!

Best wishes

Adrian’s website

Thanks Adrian! Can’t wait…

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