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SPECIAL OFFER: Movie Jigsaw Printing & Binding

I always like to source deals for my Bang2writers, so I thought I’d share this link with you:

Movie Jigsaw: For All Your Printing and Binding Needs

If you need to send a hard copy of a script to a producer, contest or opportunity – STAT – but don’t have time to stand in the Post Office queue (or perhaps you’ve got a piece of shit printer like mine that likes to have nervous breakdowns *whenever* I need to print a script but never when I need to print a LOST CAT poster), then Movie Jigsaw is the service for you. It will print, bind AND send, first class, to any destination YOU specify. This service uses the best, industry standard materials – there are no newbie presentation mistakes here, like the dreaded butterfly pins which can cut script readers’ fingers, no sir.

Movie Jigsaw is run by Ian Noakes, whom some of you may remember from the first incarnation of the Movie Jigsaw site, which was a screenplay co-operative where writers all got together to create and write screenplays. It was a great site and I read many of the screenplays which came out of it, meaning I’ve known Ian for years. I’ve always found him to be honest and reliable and think this new venture will be no different.

I think this is a great idea – one writers consistently make is not sending scripts THE MOMENT they are asked for them. They’ll dilly and dally, say they need to do a “polish” on this or that – or perhaps they need to buy more ink or get more paper, you get my drift. Now, you’ll never catch me suggesting early drafts *should* be sent to anyone, but if you’re in a position to be touting your wares and are asked to send a script to someone, SEND IT THAT VERY DAY, while the person has you in mind. Let nothing stand in your way -like lack of time or a crappy printer. On this basis, Movie Jigsaw could very well be for you.

Similarly, those of you who like to enter scripts in US contests which demand hard copies like Scriptapolooza or The Nicholl may be very interested to hear Ian can send to the US for you and obtain the mystical THREE BRADS, so hard to obtain here in the UK. US writers wanting to send to Europe too are very welcome.

Best of all, I have negotiated an automatic ten per cent off for ALL Bang2writers who use this service. Just let Ian know you saw this on the blog and you’ll get your discount.

Movie Jigsaw site

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8 thoughts on “SPECIAL OFFER: Movie Jigsaw Printing & Binding”

  1. As in “fast”. Doctors say it, don’t they:

    “Two bags of saline and O Negative – stat!”

    Who’s not been watching their hospital-based continuing drama, hey? FOR SHAME.

  2. Found this:

    STAT: Medical term used to imply urgent or rush. It may appear in lower case letters as stat or in capital letters as STAT, as in “Treatment may include STAT surgery.” The term is derived from the Latin word “statim” which means immediately.

    OK. I do not spend all my time googling. It’s my lunchtime, finished by butties, it was something to do…

  3. Sounds like you might bind scripts differently over your way.

    Just finished my first script (and have done nothing more exciting than PDF it so far), but as far as I know the standard here in the U.S. is two brads. Three-hole punched but only two brads. Middle hole left unplugged.

    If they see three brads they instantly Make Assumptions about your worth as a person :0)

  4. We don’t actually use Brads or the three hole punches Milli at all in the UK – I don’t think I’ve even seen a script with Brads in it, hence my thinking you must need three Brads if there are three holes! Lol. We use two hole punches and either Acca fasteners or treasury tags (or should do!). Bloody butterfly pins should be outlawed, I have the scars on my fingertips to prove it.

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