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Date Stamp 3 – 2pm, 21.03.09

So there’s another Date Stamp up celebrating spring – I know what you’re thinking, where’s Date Stamp 2?! Well I went and FORGOT to take a picture when it was due: Friday 13th! Whoops. I even took the digital camera out in readiness in the morning (the time for the stamp was 1pm), then didn’t even think about it til 7pm that evening!! Argh. You will remember that week I had three million trillion scripts to read; that’s my story and I’m sticking to it, daft as it is.

So take a look at the lovely photos, all taken at the same time all around the world – fascinating stuff. Those of you who follow my blog regularly may be interested to see a rare sighting of my alien spawn, Alfie and Lilirose. Bring it on.

Check out the Date Stamp here.

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1 thought on “Date Stamp 3 – 2pm, 21.03.09”

  1. I love Alfie and Lilirose, and I have correctly identified where in the world your beautiful spawn reside.

    Thanks for the heads up, and thank you for being involved in this project. I think I am having more fun than is legal at this point.

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