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Date Stamp 1 – 21.02.09

Friend of the blog Pamela Schott asked me to take part in her Date Stamp experiment – basically, people across the world (and she’s done a great job assembling people right across it!) all take a picture at the time she specifies and provide a little commentary to go with it. I thought this sounded interesting, so agreed to give it a go.

The first Date Stamp took place on February 21st, 2009 at 12pm GMT. I was actually at my parents’ in Devon that weekend rather than Dorset. Their house has a big wall at the bottom of the garden so I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired – I had hoped to be travelling across somewhere like Exmoor and finding some lovely ponies or something. Alas, it wasn’t to be.

I did, however, find something suitably gruesome and yukily interesting to photograph out near my Dad’s car parking space. Thought it summed me up to a tee.

Go check it out.

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3 thoughts on “Date Stamp 1 – 21.02.09”

  1. Awww, Lucy. Poor little guy.

    I saw a documentary once about cats as predators in Great Britain. I was shocked at the extent of the damage they do to native wildlife.

    In the Blue Mountains (Australia) where I was living at the time, there was a law against letting domestic cats out at night. Thank god we had a “good” cat. Blackberry would jump into his basket on top of the hot water heater every night around 9:30 and go to bed.

    No prowling moggy to torture me further in my insomnia. And we felt we were saving some furry or feathered lives.

  2. When I told Susan about your photo, she just cracked up and said, “That’s perfect! That’s Lucy all over!”

    Thanks for taking part. I’ll be announcing the next date stamp on Monday on my blog (probably the next two, actually), so stay tuned.

    Any suggestions for what to add/how to make it better, etc.? Let me know.

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