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Snow In The South West!

Crampon-Fred might be a mongrel cat (I believe the correct term is “ragdoll”, I is bein’ cat-racist, man) but he showed this morning he’s pure-bred MENTAL by playing outside in the snow for a full hour. His adopted sister and brother cats merely whimpered at the sight of the snow and went upstairs and hid under the bed in my room. Where they still are. None of them are particularly used to snow; bar the tors of Dartmoor and the coombes of Exmoor, Devon is not known for it and neither is Bournemouth, due to the coastal influence — or something (geography was never my strong point). And of course, the SW can’t cope: poor ol’ Hub just rang me a moment ago to say he got to work — at TEN FIFTEEN. He set off at quarter to eight and his school is about four or five miles away. *Sigh*.

Anyway, whilst we’re on the subject of photographs: there are new photos up on Safe Films – this time of the actresses we picked for the parts of “Teenage Girl” and “Girlfriend”. Go and check them out now. Both actresses were great and I’m looking forward to working with them, just as I am the rest too. Shoot’s on Saturday – SQUEE!

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8 thoughts on “Snow In The South West!”

  1. Aww, cat in the snow, how cute. One of our cats used to love the snow, the other leapt like a kangaroo if you put him outside in it.

  2. Yeah, its been snowing where i am currently but my hometown is not used to it and i doubt it is snowing there because it is also right by the coast and the reason why coastal areas are warmer in the winter is because a) the gulf coast is on my doorstep which nicely warms us up and b) water can’t heat up or cool down as quickly as the land can so it helps the land beside not heat up or cool down as quickly, that’s why in winter, its colder the further in land you go and in summer why its hotter the further in land you go. Sorry for the geography lesson!

  3. Exeter, BLIZZARD at approx 14.30 pm yesterday. Left work early.
    It was a nightmare getting back to my cave in The Wilds of Devon … Had to dig my car out this morning, took ages!
    ‘Spect I’ll be leaving early from work again today, as the forecast seems to be more of the same. Blech!
    It’s all very well for kiddies and mental cats, but what about the rest of us? Huh? Huh?

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