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Men Are Crap, Part 2

Husband goes out to the car to go to work. I follow.

ME: What shall we have for dinner?

Husband is not listening. As usual.

HUSBAND: Blimey, not as chilly as yesterday.

Inspiration strikes.

ME: How about chilli?

HUSBAND: Yeah. It’s not as chilly as yesterday.

ME: No. Chilli?

HUSBAND: Do you ever listen, woman?

ME: You halfwit: I’m asking if you want chilli!

HUSBAND: No, I prefer it in the summer.


HUSBAND: Oh. Sure. Love you, ‘bye…

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6 thoughts on “Men Are Crap, Part 2”

  1. Acck… this constant man-bashing.

    We’re very simple creatures… you want our attention, you have to shout ‘Oi!’ first. Or dance naked in front of the TV.


    N.B. Both of these may not actually work.

  2. Constant?!? Darren you are too sensitive…

    Anyway, last time I danced naked* in front of the telly he told me to get out of the way cos GORDON RAMSAY’S KITCHEN EFFING NIGHTMARES was on.

    *This is a completely true story. Though I may have actually had clothes on and only got in the way of the telly by means of closing the curtains.

  3. Shyeah, you bet ‘constant’… don’t make me go huntin’ through your blog… 🙂

    My wife actually did dance naked in front of the TV once, when I was XBoxing… I just thought I’d reached the boss level.

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