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Kickin’ It 80s Style

I’m decluttering my house, putting up and takijng down shelves, varnishing cupboards, painting skirting boards and whatnot this weekend – oh yes, I’m handier than you might think, yes sirree (in fact, I’m even *quite* handy with an axe, having CHOPPED FIREWOOD in my youth growing up in the middle of nowhere with only a wood burning stove and once I removed a massive tree from our garden with the help of my Dad and a big mechanical digger thing. I also lived in a treehouse, though I admittedly came in at night due to the massive werewolf problem in our area. Really! It WAS the country).

Well anyway: everyone needs a soundtrack to perform these kinds of tasks, so we are kickin’ it 80s style having found the likes of the Labyrinth and Top Gun OSTs in our local Zavvi for just pennies. Yesss! So join me my friends in 80s appreciation* (*accompanying DIY not mandatory).

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8 thoughts on “Kickin’ It 80s Style”

  1. Why thank you, dear. Though in my house a small saucepan is only useful for heating milk and battering Him Indoors, so is that some kind of anti-feminist statement?!? ; )

  2. It’s been 80’s weekend in our house as well. I watched The Full Monty last night and Witness (for at least the millionth time :)). For my daughter it was the first time she’s seen either film. And she preferred The Full Monty. What!!!!

  3. David – good point – Witness *is* 1980’s, I always think of The Full Monty as *set* in late 1980s Sheffield when lots of the steel works were closing down? I think you’re right that it must be set in mid 90’s but it really doesn’t look like mid 90s Sheffield (apart from Meadowhall), looks much more like Sheffield did when I moved here in 1985. So it was just an eighties day after all!

    Tell you what – I’ll put on Crocodile Dundee next. Then it can still be an 80s weekend πŸ™‚

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