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Casting Call: SAFE (4 minute film)

Here we have it: yes that’s right, the first ever casting call on “Write Here, Write Now” for the first ever short film made by Bang2write and the fabulous Studio Schoque.

This call is now live on Talent Circle if you prefer to go through them – or it will hopefully turn up on Shooting People’s Casting List tomorrow if you subscribe.

But if you’re an actor and live in the South West of England (preferably the Bournemouth/Poole area), please do respond to this casting call… I promise we’ll be gentle! I’m afraid we can’t offer any dosh (just the usual – a copy of the film, minimal expenses, updates on the film’s progress, etc): it’s a strictly no-budget film: we’re funding it from bits and bobs we’ve saved in jars from down the sofa, quite literally!!! However, if you want to be part of SAFE and have a good time doing it, then get in touch. Looking forward to working with you…
CASTING CALL: Actors for short film, “SAFE”

Actors needed in the Bournemouth/Poole area of Dorset for a four minute short film, SAFE. SAFE is principally a non-dialogue film. Initial casting will take place the weekend of January 17th, with a provisional shooting date of Feburary 7th.

SAFE tells the story of one young woman’s desperate quest to ensure her child is saved – even from beyond the grave.

ABOUT US: the writer is Lucy Hay, a commissioned writer and professional script editor/reader. You may know her on the blog circuit as Lucy Vee. The Director is Schuman Hoque, a director of many shorts, pop videos and corporate work. View his previous work here.


We need an actress to play GEMMA, the lead. Actress must have a playing range of between 18 – 25 years approx, please. In terms of appearance, we’re looking for a “fragile” persona.

An actress to play JULIE, a woman who helps Gemma. We’re looking for an actress with a playing range of 30 – 40 years approx and who seems “maternal” to Gemma.

A YOUNG MAN, approximately 18 – 25 years playing age, please. This is an amiable-looking young fella who hides a violent secret.

An OLDER MAN, approximately 40 – 50 years playing age, please. Like his younger colleague, this guy too is hiding something – but even worse.

A TEENAGE GIRL, approximately 15 – 16 years playing age, please. This girl doesn’t give a damn where her life is heading.

PLEASE NOTE: So as to not waste anyone’s time, both Gemma and Julie must be white actresses, only because the characters’ respective children (already cast) are white. For the other three roles, ethnicity is irrelevant.

We’d love this to be a paying film – but we are funding this entirely out of our own pockets (so are not getting paid ourselves!).

On this basis then, we can offer a copy of the film and minimal expenses for the successful auditionees. Food and drink will be provided on the shoot. The finished film will have plenty of exposure however – it WILL be entered into the major festivals and eventually showcased on Lucy’s blog, “Write Here, Write Now”, which receives in the region of 250 hits a day.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, please email Bang2write”AT”aol”DOT”com stating which part you are interested in reading and with your info and/or your spotlight, IMDB (or similar) link.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE PART OF THE CREW: please email info”AT”schoque”DOT”com ASAP (same deal applies for crew on the shoot, natch: copy of the film, food and drink, etc).

Thank you!

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