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Reptiles, Naked Chicks, Flesh Eating Beasties

Well I’ve been living in rejection city for some time now, but I’m reliably informed this is what happens when you’re a *real writer*. In fact, according to one of my contacts, I should be so lucky I get the opportunity in the first place to GET rejected. I had been too busy feeling sorry for myself regarding FIVE REJECTIONS IN FIVE DAYS ON FIVE PROJECTS I REALLY WANTED to think about it like that, so cheers. (You know who you are: one day… When you’re least expecting it… BLAM!!! ; ).

The good news is I am WELL busy man, innit. In fact, I’m reading so many supernatural projects at the moment I think I may have fallen into a parallell universe whilst fighting vampires and having an alien baby simultaneously. In fact, the inside of my head is so scrambled with other people’s stories of the paranormal, I accidentally wrote an extra terrestriel into my serial killer treatment only last night (maybe the producer won’t notice?? Watch this space).

So anyway, way too busy too talk. Instead feast your eyes upon this array of reptiles, naked chicks and flesh eating beasties. True story: the hole that devours stuff in the video was modelled on my brain. I had to have sittings and everything, like for a portrait artist… I’m really going now. Talk amongst yourselves!

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3 thoughts on “Reptiles, Naked Chicks, Flesh Eating Beasties”

  1. Sorry about the rejections, but cheer yourself up by reading my latest blog (not about me I hasten to add). It’s an encouraging story (sort of).

  2. That video was scary.
    Glad it had boobies in it to distract me from all the creepy insects n stuff like.

    I have to say that you lot(all the screenwriter people with blogs) don’t fill me with any kind of enthusiasm for screenwriting.

    Is the success rate better for novels?

    As for all the rejections, here have some of my toast. It has marmite on it too. Mmmm

  3. Don’t worry about rejections!
    I get them all the time!
    Usually from girls…
    Only kidding I’m engaged… (but she rejects me all the time)

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