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Merry Christmouse

Just a short note to say good day to you all – I’m off now for the Christmas Hols, have a good one – no, stop crying, this isn’t “goodbye”, just “au revoir”: PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER. Sheesh. Right, where was I? Oh yes, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

If you want your stuff read in January, remember it’s first come, first served as always. Bang2write reads scripts in the order they come in – here are all the details if you want me to put you on my list for the new year. I will be checking emails from time to time, but don’t panic if you don’t hear from me rightaway, just doing, well… Christmas stuff – like opening presents, drinking too much beer, starting family feuds and generally complaining there’s a load of shite on telly again this year. You know the drill, people!

Here’s to 2009 being *the* year for all of us. And let’s hope that pesky James Moran doesn’t nick all the work again – that’s *clearly* why I got no television commissions in 08… That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! (Love you really James, MWAH).

I bid you all adieu, see you in the new year: remember, start as you mean to go on and all that… So only get paralytic drunk and arrested for running through the town square in the nude if that’s what you intend to do every day of 09. There’s some good advice in there (somewhere). Ciao pretties, miss you xxx

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8 thoughts on “Merry Christmouse”

  1. Have a great Christmas, Lucy, and thanks for the great readings you’ve done for me.

    Hey, I just made you sound like an old Transylvanian clairvoyant huddled over her crystal ball!

    Gotta be a movie idea in that…

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