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Ghost of Christmas Presents

As everyone knows, I’m drowning with scripts at the mo, but I don’t feel ready to sign off on the blogging for the hols *just* now (it’s an addiction, alright??), so here’s a question for you:

What was your fave Christmas present EVER and why?

Mine’s a charm bracelet my other half gave me. I wear it all the time – and every birthday and Christmas he gives me a charm to go on it. So far I have a church (to commemorate our marriage); a holy Bible (to commemorate the script that got me an agent, THY WILL BE DONE); a baby in a pram (to commemorate Lilirose’s birth); a video camera with a nude lady in it (the official line is it commemorates my love of films, but in actual fact it commemorates the fact I’m a perv, more likely); and a cat (because we um… like cats??). However if that’s too cheesy for you and makes you want to puke I got one of these when I was about eight and it made a GREAT noise when I hit my brother on the head with it… But then my Mum took it off me. Fascist!

Answers in the comments section please…

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8 thoughts on “Ghost of Christmas Presents”

  1. When I was eight I was given Ghost Castle, the best board game ever. It was wrapped in metallic pink paper, and I was so excited when I saw what it was. Not only could you use it as a board game, but your playmobile folk could take a weekend trip to the haunted castle too. magic.

  2. That IS the best board game ever!

    My friend Rebecca had it and I was sick with envy. I asked for it for Christmas but instead was given a board game called VAMPIRE HUNTER. I was a nice girl though, so didn’t say anything – but I did bury the vampires in the garden under the willow tree. Forever after it was the HAUNTED TREE. Natch.

  3. It has to be this year’s present. A brand new Bass guitar (from wifey)… to go with my collection:

    It’s the one at the end with the lights on the fret board. A bit of tinsel and it doubles nicely as a Christmas tree!

    This bass has actually got to last me for the next five years of Christmas AND birthdays…

    I remember Ghost Castle too… a friend had it. Whenever I went ‘round his place I tried to persuade him to play (it looked a lot of fun)… but he was never interested. He had all the best games, now I come to think of it. Probably because he was an only child…

  4. I’ve never heard of Ghost Castle, though I did get Castle Greyskull from He Man one year. I was the envy of every kid in the area until the twins round the corner got Snake Mountain for their birthday – it had a voice changer so you could sound like Skeletor!

  5. OMG, I’d forgotten all about Snake Mountain!!! The boy next door had that but he wrecked the voice changer by jamming plasticine in it!

  6. One year Mum and Dad couldn’t afford presents so they wrapped up their old ones. I got a Meccano house building kit from near the end of the war. Brilliant. I’ve still got it.

    Second best was the bow and arrow kit (with suckers on the end) that I had for 15mins until they found me lining up baby sister for target practice.

    Is torturing siblings the sign of a horror writer in the making?

  7. For many years Rach I did something similar with my own lad – I didn’t have any old presents left, but I DID buy everything off eBay – old toys, games and the like. This has ended up with my boy a RIGHT retro freak. If it’s after 1998, he doesn’t want to know! As a result we have a house stuffed with Wuzzles, Fraggles, Pokemon, Digimon (rmbr them??) and the like… Only it turns out they’re cool now and cost loads on eBay!!! I used to get ’em for £2 plus postage… I paid £15 for bloody Moosel last year!!!!!

    As for torturing siblings, that’s a MUST, isn’t it? Besides, if I’d accidentally killed one, there was plenty more where they came from…

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