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FREE Screenwriters’ Course For Scottish Writers

The Scribefather Adrian Mead wants to let all Scottish-based Bang2writers know he’s running a FREE Screenwriters’ Course in February 2009! It’s not *just* another “how to write course” either, anyone who’s ever been to an Adrian Mead course will tell you he also covers industry stuff like pitching, promoting your work and payment too. And best of all, it’s FREE (did I mention that???). This is like, a well-good offer man, innit so get your skates on and sign up, pronto. Here’s the website with full details.

Oh – and before anyone starts whining about how unfair it is this opportunity is only available to Scottish-based writers, think again (not that any discerning Bang2writer would, natch). But if you want a similar opportunities like this one in YOUR area, write to your screen agency!!!! The more they have people ASKING for specific courses and training opportunities, the more likely they are to do it, simple as. And to make it easier for you, here’s a list of contact details for all screen agencies. Just make sure you ask NICELY. Sorted.

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