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Bang2write Christmas Break

On account of my brain feeling like this from the plethora of reading and writing, I’ve resolved to have TWO weeks off this Chrimbo ‘cos frankly, I never have. And it’s not like Christmas is entirely stress-free, especially with two mentalist children in the house who are already VERY EXCITED.

So this is to announce Bang2write closes for business next week on Tuesday, Dec 23rd and will not open again until Tuesday January 6th, 2009.

HOWEVER: Please note I am already working my way through a huge backlog to ensure I can finish by next week, so I am NOT accepting any more submissions this side of the new year.

INSTEAD: feel free to book a slot with me for January. No need to send your script or any money now either. My lists fill up pretty fast, especially in January when I find there’s a LOT of new year resolutions to get that pesky feature finished or that TV series idea polished. Just let me know what you want doing (oo er), I’ll quote you and arrange a time for me to read for you.

Don’t forget I read ANYTHING too – novels, TV, shorts, sitcoms, serials, treatments, short stories, even one page pitches. I’ve also read magazine articles, poetry and essays and dissertations for students (NOTE: NOT to help people CHEAT, I’d never condone that – just as a “dry run”, particularly on grammar and structure!!!).

So if you want to set yourself a deadline, now’s the time to get in touch with yours truly. If you need a recommendation, here’s some.

Look forward to reading your work!

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